5 Tips For Glowing Winter Skin

As the sky gets a bit grey and your fitness routine teeters, it’s easy to let your skin routine slip too. However, without the plague of the harsh summer sun, winter is the ideal time for you to double down and rejuvenate your skin. We share with you a few of our best tips to get your skin into tip-top shape – after all, there’s no time like the present.

Antioxidant Investments

To give your skin a little more bounce this winter, we suggest investing in a serum that’s rich in antioxidants. It will protect your skin from free radicals, as well as leaving your face looking and feeling energised, so you can have glowing skin all year round.

Cleanse Sans Foam

In winter, skin stops producing as much sebum, so it’s important to give it a wee hand and work hard to maintain its natural moisture barrier. Foaming cleansers may be fun but they can cause irritation and strip good oils away from your face. We suggest switching to a non-foaming, cream or oil based cleanser, to help replenish your skin’s natural oils.

Baby Don’t Burn

We all know it can be hard in the mornings to get in and out of the shower, due to the icy breeze that clutches at your skin. However, it’s important to remember to avoid temperatures that are scalding hot as this can dry out the skin, leaving it itchy and sensitive. This applies to showering in sizzling temps, as well as drying off centimeters away from a hot heater too. Be sure to apply a layer of moisture-rich body cream or lotion after you’ve dried off, to help your skin stay supple.

Use a Humidifier

In the same way as above, leaving the heating on overnight can really suck the life out of your skin, leaving it dry and dull. Investing in a humidifier that replaces moisture in the air can really benefit your skin, as well as your overall health. Bonus: any humectant ingredients in your moisturizers will draw in this moisture to plump and heal.


Sometimes it’s hard to remember to drink plenty of water when temperatures aren’t scorching hot. But drinking water in winter is just as important as it is in summer! An easy way to do this is to have an extra glass of water with every meal to keep your skin hydrated and happy, as well as helping you feel energised.  

Wellington Gets its First Aesop Store

Wellingtonians, rejoice! Coveted skincare brand Aesop has made its official debut in the capital city with the doors to its art deco-inspired boutique swinging open for business.

Situated within the historic change house on Featherston Street, the new Aesop boutique has been designed in collaboration with New Zealand practice Knight Associates. 

Inside beauty buffs will be able to explore the complete Aesop range of skin, hair and body-care products. In-store Aesop experts will also be on hand to offer all the advice you need to get your skincare routine sorted.  

Aesop Wellington is open now at 150 Featherston Street.