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Three future spa trends you need to know

Three future spa trends you need to know
The future is here. Here's how to get the most out of the wellness world.

The spa and wellness world is constantly evolving. Here are a couple of trends you need to keep your eyes on.

  1. Exercise that is popular within the wellness world – such as pilates and yoga – is making its way into the spa. “When we talk about wellness, we’re also thinking about exercise, diet and lifestyle,” says de Lauren de Vries, national training manager at Self Care Spa & Beauty Group Vries. Facial and massage techniques that incorporate elements of pilates and yoga are becoming more commonplace.
  2. Newfangled machines will still be key to result-driven facials but Vanessa Feehan-Meldrum, technical trainer for Sothys New Zealand says that she’s definitely seen a desire from clients for more physical contact in their treatments. “People want connection. Some of our corporates, if they don’t have a partner, they might go through days without human connection,” she explains. “We moved away from it for a while and went towards hot stone and other methods, but it’s more hands on and connected now.”
  3. An international survey undertaken by Unilever earlier this year revealed that 33 per cent of consumers choose brands based on their social and ethical impact. As a holistic approach to well-being has an overarching impact on beauty, more of us want to see environmentally minded brands in spas, and we also want spas to take a more sustainable approach to business.  


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