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Threat of nuclear war between US and North Korea heightens

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un provides guidance on a nuclear weapons program. Photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency, September 3.

Threat of nuclear war between US and North Korea heightens

North Korea trial their most powerful bomb yet.

Threat of nuclear war between US and North Korea heightens

Tensions between the United States and North Korea have reached boiling point. Yesterday, North Korea successfully trialled a lethal hydrogen bomb, which can be attached to a long-range missile capable of reaching the United States. The bomb, which is more powerful than an atomic bomb, is a pointed warning to the US.

Conflict between the two nations has magnified since Trump came into presidency earlier this year. The President’s erratic threats of war angered North Korea, leading to ongoing hostility and fears of nuclear battle.

Responding to North Korea’s most recent trial, US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis stated that “any threat to the United States or its territories, including Guam or our allies will be met with a massive military response.” Allies of the US have also spoken out against the trial. The UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May urged world leaders to unite and end the “destabilising actions” of North Korea, while China declared the country’s actions “ignored the international community’s widespread opposition.”

Trump later tweeted that the US are considering several options moving forward, including stopping trade with all countries in business with North Korea.


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