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This next-generation facial treatment works wonders for a range of skin concerns

By Ashley Nolan

Oxygen Enzyme Peel Activation.
Oxygen Enzyme Peel Activation.
The new Pro Dermal Active facial by O Cosmedics delivers visible results for key skin conditions.

Although I absolutely love a good facial, it’s not often that I book in for one. Life often gets in the way, not to mention I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the range of options available. So when I do treat myself, it’s usually because I have a specific skin issue that I want addressed. That’s where the new O Cosmedics Pro Dermal Active O-Biome Oxygen Therapy Treatment appeals to me – there are a range of treatment options available, depending on your skin concern du jour.

This industry-first treatment was two years in the making. Designed to adhere to the O Cosmedics philosophy of Skin Health, Skin Youth and Skin Confidence, Pro Dermal Active (PDA) is formulated to optimise the skin’s natural regeneration process. These next-generation treatments use O-Biome Oxygen Therapy to strengthen skin immunity and rebuild the skin structure from within. The result of this all-in-one treatment is skin that is smooth, firm and with radiance restored, without the need for downtime. 

Pro Dermal Active (PDA) treats skin conditions with four customised activators, which you can select according to your skin concern. The four activators are:

  • Lift and firm – perfect for mature or sagging skin
  • Collagen Booster – designed to block the chemicals that trigger muscle contraction during facial expression which lead to fine lines and wrinkles
  • Clear Skin – created to specifically target breakouts, blemishes and skin needing rebalancing 
  • Bright Skin – supports optimum skin brightness and helps to correct pigmentation, dullness or uneven skin tone

I had the treatment at UP Clinical Cosmetics in Auckland’s Victoria Quarter – a calm, soothing space that gets you in the relaxation zone the moment you walk in the door. My skin concerns were fine lines and uneven texture caused by acne scarring, so my skin therapist recommended the Collagen Booster as the most suitable activator.

The treatment itself is luxuriously long, taking around 1 hour and 15 minutes. The facial began with a double cleanse and exfoliation, followed by an Oxygen Enzyme Peel accompanied by a ‘spicy’ sensation on the face which let you know that it was doing its job. Then a micellar cleanser to balance pH was applied, after which I was treated to a recovery facial massage using the O-Rejuv Gua Sha Facial Device, designed to stimulate microcirculation to oxygenate the skin for healthier blood flow and nutrient delivery. As I’m pregnant, I was unable to have the device turned on – the tool combines thermal massage with low-level Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Technology and LED Therapy – however I still found it to be a soothing and satisfying experience.

After this step, the O-Biome Mask with my chosen skin activator was applied. The mask is left to dry to allow for effective lymphatic compression, and I could feel a tightening effect as the drying occurred. The mask is left on for 45 minutes and you’re required to keep your head still during this time – it’s recommended you bring headphones to listen to music or a podcast. I didn’t need to, however, as I was treated to a lovely massage of the feet and legs while the mask worked its magic. Once the mask was removed, the final steps consisted of aftercare and a probiotic spray.

The vascular response in my face was immediately noticeable – I was assured the redness that appeared afterwards was a sign of increased blood circulation, an indication that the treatment was working. In the days following, I was thrilled with the healthy glow I observed. My skin looked and felt clear, bright and plump, and I felt confident enough to leave the house without makeup. 

I love that the treatment was suitable for me in my pregnant state too. PDA treatments are recommended once a month, and I’d definitely be interested in keeping up the treatments. Now that I’m further along in my pregnancy, my skin concerns have changed – hormonal breakouts have well and truly arrived! So I’d love to book in for the treatment with the Clear Skin activator to see how that tackles blemishes.

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