These “transparent trucks” could save lives

Drivers understand the constant threat of semi-trailers on the road. They provide significant hazards and stressful obstacles when driving on any kind of road – let alone on a busy highway.

According the research, almost one person dies in a traffic accident every hour in Argentina.

Samsung has manufactured a way for all of this can change. By installing a small camera on the front of a truck, the images can be transmitted as a live-feed to screens on the back. This vision offers drivers trying to navigate the roads around trucks, an easy and safe way to assess and observe any risk.

The prototype has already been tested and proved to be efficient in providing clarity and assurance to other drivers, especially those driving the trucks. The cameras are also equipped with a night vision mode so the most harrowing of tasks, navigating roads at night, can be made easier and  remarkably safer.

The company is now working with local governments to provide a cost-effective solution to incorporating this technology into fleets around the country – then around the world.

What do you think about this technology? Would you like to see it on our roads?

Rotating building ensures residents are never bored with their view

Fancy a change of view every week? Perhaps the Turn to the Future building could be the home for you.

The unusual residential concept has been created by designer Shin Kuo, and sees occupants taking turns at enjoying top-floor views.

The egalitarian building operates via a system of movable living units, which gradually descend along a spiral track around the perimeter of the building. Over two months the units move a single step each day, and when a unit reaches the ground floor, it is lifted to the top by an internal crane.

The award winning design’s movement of the living space is meant to change the user’s interior relationships with the ground, sky, light, gravity and shadow.

Is a changing view for you?

*All images courtesy of ShinDesign