These Bottega Veneta Sandals are the Hottest Item in Fashion Right Now

If you have somehow managed to get your hands on the sought-after Bottega Veneta padded sandals – they’re renowned for selling out almost the instant they’re restocked – you’re now in possession of the hottest fashion item in the world right now.  

Global fashion search platform Lyst analyses the shopping habits of more than 9 million shoppers each month and it has just released its quarterly report revealing the hottest brands and products on the market right now. 

Off-White, which came in second place in Q2, has moved up a spot to take out the top-ranking place where brands are concerned. Balenciaga took out second place, while Gucci came in third. It’s the first time in two years the Italian fashion house hasn’t come in at either first or second.

Versace, Prada, Valentino, Fendi, Burberry, Saint Laurent and Vetements round out the top ten.  

Bottega Veneta

Left: The Jacquemus Le Chiquito mini bag. Right: The Bottega Veneta padded sandals and pouch bag which took out fifth place in Q2.

The Sought-After Fashion Items

When it comes to fashion items, the aforementioned Bottega Veneta padded sandals took out the top spot. The hand-stitched, quilted, square-toed sandals retail for $680 Euros and garnered over 27,000 online searches each month. 

While a pair of Bottega’s might put a rather large dent in your bank balance, the Adidas Continental 80 sneakers – the only other shoes to make the hottest women’s product list for Q3 – come with a more affordable price tag. The sneakers came in at third place and retail for around $170. 

According to Lyst searches for Bottega Veneta shoes spiked 156 per cent as the Spring/Summer 2020 fashion shows took place in September. Bottega Veneta climbed an impressive 21 places and the Q3 report is the first time that the Italian fashion house has made it into the top 20.

And while it’s undoubtedly teeny-tiny and arguably rather impractical Jacquemus’ ‘Le Chiquito’ mini bag – pictured above – took out second place racking up over 12,500 monthly skirts. Although the brand isn’t in the top 20 yet, Jacquemus jumped up 37 positions.

The Fendi ‘FF Motif’ bikini and the Prada Nylon pouch also made the list.



Lady Gaga’s Valentino Gown is up for Auction After She Left it in her Hotel Room

Leaving a designer gown in your hotel room after wearing it on the red carpet might seem like an odd thing for a celebrity to do, but according to reports, that’s exactly what Lady Gaga did. And now the stunning gown has been put up for auction. 

Earlier this year Lady Gaga turned heads on the Golden Globe’s red carpet in a stunning periwinkle-blue Valentino haute couture gown. The gown – which was inspired by actress Judy Garland who starred in the original A Star is Born – is currently listed on Nate D. Sanders Auctions, which is where things start to get weird.

While it’s not unheard of for celebrities to auction off items in order to raise funds for charities, the reason Gaga’s dress is up for grabs is one we haven’t come across before. 

Accompanying the gown’s auction listing is a handwritten note from a maid at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, where the Golden Globes have been held since 1961, who has apparently put the Valentino gown up for auction. 

The housekeeper, who has worked at the hotel for 24 years, claims that Gaga left her the dress in her hotel room. On discovering the gown the housekeeper states that she handed it to the hotel’s found and found but it was never collected. The gown was unclaimed and therefore then apparently handed back to the housekeeper on 3 September. There’s also a lost and found receipt included within the supporting documents for the auction. 


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga wore the gown to accept her the Golden Globe for Best Original Song for Shallow, the song she penned for film A Star Is Born.

The plot then thickened as Entertainment Tonight reported that a spokesperson for the Beverly Hills Police Department said that Valentino filed a police report with their department regarding the dress. Since the Daily Mail has reported that any investigation into the dress has now been closed and ‘the matter is being resolved between the concerned parties.’ 

The dress is still up for auction on the Nate D. Sanders website with a current bid of US$9680 (NZ$15,100/AU$14,030). The auction is set to close 31 October at 5pm Pacific Time.