There she Glows: Escea New Zealand

Grand, romantic and cosy, fireplaces have made a comeback in recent years. Contemporary designs provide a handful of alternatives to the once-exclusive wood-burning kind, meaning there is a style to suit all interior tastes.

Escea’s Lead Designer, Alex Hodge, says the renewed popularity of fireplaces can be connected to the growing slow movement. “Life is fast-paced… Fireplaces are a gravitational pull in the room that bring people together, there’s definitely something meditative about flickering flames.”

Fireplaces make stylish focal points of any home, and with current trends focussing on minimalism the flame shines as the hero.

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ALL FIRED UP: Escea DS1400 gas fireplace, from $9495 (plus flue and installation), from Stoke Fireplace Studio; Tom Dixon candle, $355 from ECC; Vanessa Mitrani Mask Vase from David Shaw; Powder Room by Romance Was Born rug, $6390 from Designer Rugs; Charles chair, $1345 from Maytime; Elitis Jaipur Cushion from Seneca Textiles; Rattan log basket, $460 from Le Monde. 

Beautiful Bedrooms with Bianca Lorenne

Bianca Lorenne does bedding beautifully. Bring some bold to your bedroom with the brand’s earthy tones and textured accessories. Colours range from deep khaki and plum to soft slate and rich lilac, meaning there’s something for everyone.



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