The Ultimate Smartphone launches in Paris


The Ultimate Smartphone launches in Paris

What if I told you it could charge your electric toothbrush?

By Lillian McHugh

After travelling for over 30 hours, we arrive in Paris for what feels like the dawn of a new era in technology. Our hosts are excited when we land at Charles de Gaul to see Chinese President, Xi Jinping’s, aircraft on the tarmac – “over there with the red flag”. The President is here with a business contingent of over 1,000 Chinese men and women to do “business deals”, they tell us.

The excitement continues as we join 50-plus Asia Pacific media in Paris for dinner that night to launch the latest product from Chinese tech giant, Huawei. It is the night before the launch and everyone is bursting with energy, except perhaps us Kiwis who don’t quite know what day it is or where we are. Nevertheless, we too get swept up in the wave of excitement in anticipation of what tomorrow may hold.

Sat in the middle of the table is a man with three phones, I ask what they are all for. He looks at me with a twinkle in his eye and tells me “one is a competitor, one is the current Huawei model and this, this is the new P30”. The room goes quiet, as people turn, how can he already have the phone? And out in public? Turns out he is from Huawei HQ, and has been capturing content ahead of the launch tomorrow.

Capturing content is really what the new P30 is all about. The Huawei P30 Pro is equipped with a new Leica Quad Camera system, one of the best in the world, and a world first in smartphones. Providing a zoom lens like you’ve never seen, the chance to shoot super sharp imagery, even in the dark, and take selfies that make you look more like a Hadid sister. And move over Peter Jackson, because this phone will turn any amateur into an Oscar winning cinematographer. Including the “unboxer” who sits across from me at dinner. “He is really famous,” says the Malaysian man next to me, “his unboxing videos are incredible, like millions of views”.

After learning more about unboxing and perhaps too much Crème brûlée, we headed back to the hotel ready for the launch the following day.

And what a launch it was. With over 4,000 media in attendance, the event began with an incredible visual display and ended with a very special boat trip down the River Seine.

The Huawei P30 really is the ultimate smartphone. With a battery life that lasts for days, plus the ability to wirelessly charge other devices, even toothbrushes, Huawei proves again that it is a leader in smartphone evolution. There are three colours available in New Zealand, five globally, which add to the impressive design focus of the range. The compact design is easy to hold and lighter, and the water- and dust-resistance makes the Huawei P series an easy choice for anyone, even the unboxer from Malaysia. 

The next stage of Huawei’s incredible P Series smartphones – the HUAWEI P30 and P30 Pro – will be available via pre-order from Friday 29th March with devices available in New Zealand stores from Friday, April 12.



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