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The ultimate lightweight moisturiser for summer

The ultimate lightweight moisturiser for summer
We catch up with La Mer’s Executive Director of Product Development in New York and find out about the science new Moisturizing Soft Lotion.

With summer here, the quest for the ultimate lightweight moisturiser that deeply hydrates is on – and we think we may have already found the solution to our skincare woes. We catch up with La Mer’s Executive Director of Product Development, Robin Shandler, in New York and find out about the science new Moisturizing Soft Lotion.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the new Moisturizing Soft Lotion.

The new trend is macro – it’s about everything small, it’s really transforming the world today.  We’re always looking at different areas for inspiration and what we found is that small, superfluids, are making quite an impact on the world. It inspired us to create something really unique, a high performing fluid that’s more of a lotion.

The formula feels weightless, but you can really feel the hydrating properties. How did you do that?

There’s really some amazing technology in the new formula. We looked at our moisturising soft spheres and we made our micro spheres very very small, and through a high-energy process, we made them almost flow like water. We created a sphere, like a gel, that covers the creme so there’s this creme sphere is in the centre and it’s covered by this gel. So you get this light, super weightless feel with intense hydration. The soft lotion is made up of thousands of these moisture spheres. It penetrates deeply to hydrate and heal, but it feels so light on the skin.

What effect do the microspheres have on the skin?

As well as providing intense hydration, they help to plump the skin from within – they smooth out fine lines and improve texture. The formula is super weightless; as soon as the gel texture goes onto the skin it absorbs and releases the soft creme centre – that’s how you get that richness of hydration without a heavy feeling. Skin is healthy, hydrated and plumper.

How does the formula fit into La Mer’s existing family of moisturisers?

From the original Creme to the new formula, all our moisturisers offer the same benefits, they’re just in different forms and textures. All the formulations really heal; all of our moisturisers contain the miracle broth to repair skin. And nothing would be complete without our lime tea concentrate – it helps calm irritation, protects skin from environmental aggression.

La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Lotion is available now ($405).


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