The ultimate Japanese dessert bucket list


The ultimate Japanese dessert bucket list

5 must-try desserts of Japan.

Japan is a foodie’s paradise, and there is so much to delight all tastes. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, here are some of the tasty treats that should be on your Japanese dessert bucket list.

Rainbow fairy floss

The lines out the door at the Totti Candy Factory in Harajuku are there for one reason – their extremely Instagrammable rainbow fairy floss. This giant candy construction is made right before your eyes, and three different designs are available: five-layer, three-layer, and heart-shaped. Perfect for the young at heart, this sweet treat is something you will definitely only find in Japan.


The Japanese love everything kawaii – and parfaits are the perfect example of the culture’s commitment to cuteness. Found everywhere from maid cafes to specialty ice-cream shops, these desserts usually feature a range of textures with ingredients including fruit, cake, breakfast cereals, cream, ice-cream and more. With their adorable styling and a huge range of flavours available, these layered desserts are guaranteed to make you smile.


This signature dessert is a bit like a waffle, except it’s shaped like a fish and comes with filling inside. This common street snack can be found almost anywhere, and each vendor will have their own unique twist on the classic. While they are most often filled with a sweet red bean paste, you can also find taiyaki filled with sweet potato, Nutella, custard and more. Cheap and cheerful, grab them straight from the vendor while they’re piping hot.

Cheese Tarts

Somewhere between a cheesecake and a custard tart, these sweet treats are a taste sensation in their own right. They feature a rich and creamy cheese filling and a crisp shortcrust shell, and there are a range of flavours to choose from. Pick them up from specialty baker like Bake at Shinjuku train station or Pablo in Akihabara and you’ll have the perfect sightseeing snack.


Is it a breakfast? Is it a dessert? Just one bite of these fluffy pancakes and you’ll decide it doesn’t matter – you can eat them at any time of day. Found at cafes like Gram in Jingumae and A Happy Pancake in Shibuya, these thick pancakes are a unique delicacy. Try them smothered in butter and maple syrup, drizzled in hot chocolate sauce, or topped with mixed berries.


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