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The top five beauty supplement trends changing our routines from the inside out


The top five beauty supplement trends changing our routines from the inside out
We're increasingly reaching for ingestible supplements with advanced ingredients to support our topical beauty routines.

The market for ingestible supplements in general is on the rise. Market intelligence agency Mintel reports among the 78% of Americans who are vitamin users, a third (34%) have increased their usage since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, including nearly half (47%) of millennials.

According to Mintel, the growth has been driven by benefit-focused products, with consumers less interested in the traditional multivitamin. Instead they are looking for solutions that cater to specific needs, from sleep to microbiome support, to beauty-focused options like stronger hair and nails. A new report from Cosmetics Business flags the top five beauty supplement trends expected to have an impact over the next year.

Snackable skincare

Snack bars, beverages and even chocolate infused with ingredients that are beneficial to skin.

Sun support

These are supplements that support the skin during UV exposure, primarily containing antioxidants, but they are no replacement for sunscreen.

Brain care

Brain care is a growth category within supplements, aimed to boost focus, banish brain fog and sharpen the memory. Growing research into psychodermatology and the brain-skin axis as a way to treat skin conditions means that
some brands are tying the two in new ingestible options.


AI technology and skincare diagnostic tools combined with manufacturing techniques such as edible 3D printing provide supplements created or prescribed specifically for the individual’s skin or beauty goals.

Sea moss

Showing the power of social media influence, this largely unproven and unresearched ‘superfood’ ingredient has seen huge popularity online with users touting their perceived ‘results’ in skin improvement among other benefits.


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