The story of a zero-waste life


The story of a zero-waste life

Be inspired by Bea Johnson, and give the zero-waste challenge your best go.

As part of their campaign to encourage Australians to reduce household waste, The Source Bulk Foods are bringing global icon and bestselling author of Zero Waste Home, Bea Johnson to Australia for a national tour.

The French-born US resident has inspired millions with the story of her family embracing a zero-waste lifestyle, reducing their annual household waste down to almost nothing.

Bea Johnson will be appearing at events in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane, empowering audiences with tips for reducing waste and insight into her family’s experience with zero waste. “The term ‘zero waste’ can sound scary and hard to achieve, but it really isn’t,” said Johnson.

Reducing waste through initiatives like the zero-waste movement is vital for the future of waste management in Australia. The Source Bulk Foods co-founder Paul Medeiros hopes Australians will be inspired by Bea Johnson’s visit to make small changes of their own to reduce waste. “Bea’s message is that no one person has to do everything – the zero-waste movement is about a thousand people doing a thousand small things together to make a difference,” Medeiros says.

“By adopting even a few zero waste principles, everyone can do something about the amount of rubbish going to landfill. We can even reduce carbon emissions by having an impact on how much waste is produced in the first place.” Medeiros says that buying food in bulk is a simple way you can start to reduce the amount of waste your household.

“Zero waste is not about recycling more, but less, by preventing waste from coming into our homes in the first place. By buying in bulk […], Australians have all the resources they need to achieve zero waste at home.”

Bea Johnson’s speaking events will be held on the following dates:

Sydney – Thursday, July 12

Melbourne – Friday, July 13

Adelaide (book signing only) – Sunday, July 15

Brisbane – Tuesday, July 17


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