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New moisturising cream helps put a stop to sensitive skin

By Megan Bedford

Dermalogica Stabilising Repair Cream Moisturiser for Sensitive skin and redness
If you battle skin sensitivity and redness, Dermalogica’s new Stabilizing Repair Cream might just be your saving grace. We give it a try and share our first impressions.

If you have sensitive skin, or you’ve ever experienced unexpected sensitivity, you’ve probably used the memory of that redness and stinging to guide every skincare purchase you’ve made since. 

Scanning ingredients lists and honing in on culprits that hinder – and soothing superstars that help – becomes a necessary pastime in order to avoid another flare up.

Sometimes there’s no discernible reason skin is being reactive and unpredictable (it may be something you’ve dealt with for years, decades even!), but seeking out products that help gives you some sense of control.

At this time of year in particular, that search for a soothing, coddling cream may be a top priority. 

Good news then, a must-try new moisturiser has just landed that is specifically designed to help put a stop to sensitive skin within 1 week.* 

It’s a big call (and given experience with sensitivity, it has us all ears!) but Dermalogica’s Stabilizing Repair Cream has some careful formulation behind it. It not only helps skin better cope with challenging situations (when it’s hot, cold or unexpectedly sunny) in the long term by reinforcing your skin’s natural protective moisture barrier, but the gel cream soothes on contact, like a cool drink of water for that hot, flushing skin.

Dermalogica Stabilising Repair Cream for redness and sensitivity

Dermalogica’s Stabilizing Repair Cream.

New skin saviour

There are plenty of  all-rounders that suit everyone in Dermalogica’s skincare range, but the brand’s formulators also make a point of creating specific solutions for skin challenges many of us share. 

In particular, along with targeted products to add moisture, stave off those signs of aging, tackle breakouts and more, Dermalogica’s UltraCalming collection of products aims to provide lasting relief from sensitivity. 

That’s where the new Stabilizing Repair Cream fits into the brand’s lineup, so previous users of the Dermalogica’s UltraCalming products (the face mist is one of our favourites!) will already know it’s well worthwhile for them.

The cream moisturiser features a Proprietary Ceramide-Building Complex that replenishes skin’s natural ceramides (an important form of lipid, or fat) in order to lock in moisture and strengthen the skin’s barrier. As a result it becomes more resilient and less reactive over time – whether you have sensitive skin every day, or only a few days a month.

It also contains:

  • Soothing Cica (or Centella asiatica, a herb native to some parts of Asia and Africa) to calm and balance skin’s moisture content. 
  • Lactobacillus Ferment helps skin hold on to hydration. 
  • Resurrection Plant moisturises, hydrates, and strengthens skin’s barrier.
  • Tasmania Lanceolota Extract soothes skin and helps reduce the appearance of redness.
  • Boerhavia Diffusa Root helps reduce the appearance of redness, soothes, and comforts skin.

The verdict: What we thought

The Stabilizing Repair Cream comes in an airless pump and dispenses as a silky gel-cream texture.

While trying it on my hand I was impressed with the feel, as although it has those protective qualities, it didn’t feel thick or silicone-like, something that is sometimes necessary in products designed for barrier protection.

I have experienced increased redness in my face over the past 2-3 years and I am quick to feel heat and stinging from some more active skincare products (that sometimes lasts for days), so I am the perfect candidate to try this newbie.

At the moment in particular, I am constantly battling excess heat in my cheeks as a result of running heating during the day to counter the freezing weather. It’s a frustrating process as often my cheeks are burning hot while the rest of me still feels the chill. In larger spaces heated to a comfortable temperature for others, I am often the only one looking flushed and hot.

Sometimes I hold cool products to my cheeks to calm them, even though I use a good skincare routine and have tried to maintain my surface barrier.

The application advice from the brand is to rub cream between your hands, then apply to face and neck with light, upwards strokes.

So I follow the instructions and it goes on buttery smooth. Although it absorbs well, it leaves a lovely hydrated feel I can tell will give me a little bit of protection from the biting wind outdoors.

But what really made my jaw drop is the instant cooling effect it delivers. It’s not like that overwhelmingly icy, menthol-like effect some plumping lip products have. It’s more like a gentle cool breeze spreads over skin where I have applied. It is a much welcome effect and reduces the heat in my cheeks in seconds, it’s really quite astounding.

After 10 minutes the redness is slightly less and my skin definitely feels more calm and soothed. It’s actually got me pretty excited, because as someone that regularly fans my hot face with a piece of paper, now I have another tool to call on! Plus, the lasting results will hopefully mean I’ll need to take similar action less often. I’m looking forward to continuing to use this in my arsenal as my daily moisuriser in the morning and evening.

Because it quickly calms redness and soothes, I have a feeling it would be a fantastic occasional-use product post a skin treatment or after waxing too.

Soothing and calming skin that is red and sensitive needs dedicated care.

What causes sensitivity and redness?

The tricky reality is, countless internal and external factors can trigger sensitivity and/or visible, lasting redness.

Genetics are believed to be responsible in some cases but they can also be triggered by hormones, lifestyle or environmental factors. It can be as simple as UV exposure, increased pollen in the air or having to constantly adapt to a change in temperatures and dryness as a result of swapping between winter indoor heating and cold and windy weather outdoors.

You may just be kicking yourself for an overzealous application of an exfoliating skincare product like glycolic acid or an active ingredient like retinol that can leave skin feeling a little spicy and red, rather than the glowing result you’d rather. 

Sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason at all but each of these situations can result in discomfort and self-consciousness. 

Regardless of the cause, one thing is a common denominator – sensitive skin’s barrier is often damaged and needs a chance to recover. Helping build it back up while avoiding triggering ingredients in the process, is key. 

  • Dermalogica’s Stabilizing Repair Cream, $130, is available from and selected retailers. 

*See a reduction in redness, irritation, and itchiness within one week. Independent clinical test, 31 subjects, two applications per day for eight weeks.



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