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The Secret to Healthy Skin


The Secret to Healthy Skin

A year’s worth of complimentary facials – currently being offered to anyone who signs up for a Caci treatment plan before the 31 August – is just one of the secrets to beautiful, healthy skin. Caci’s Reformaskin programme is empowering women around New Zealand with skin confidence. We  talk to Caci Business Operations Specialist, Fran Cailari-Pearce, about their best-kept secrets, Reformaskin.

Who is the Reformaskin programme for?
Every client that comes through our doors has skin, and it’s all ageing. We’ve been doing skin treatments for 20 years and we know what works and what doesn’t. We want to provide skin confidence to any New Zealander, at any age – that’s the benefit of Reformaskin. We’ve simplified it into three different levels so anyone can join the Reformaskin programme.
Core, which is best suited for those under the age of 28 and is made up of a series of conditioning treatments. Core +, is usually for the 30-45 age group and those with of sun damage, age spots and perhaps scarring from spots and pimples; it combines conditioning treatments and rebuilding treatments. Core ++, is targeted at anyone 40 plus with noticeable ageing who really wants to see significant change in their skin. With each level we tailor the treatments to each client, which is very key to the programme. You can’t put every client into one box, we really need to tailor and customise each journey.

How does the Reformaskin programme work?
Reformaskin is a skin correcting and anti-ageing programme using evidence-based treatments and high performance products. We really want clients to take control of their own skin. As part of the relaunch we have created an online skin quiz. The summary from the skin quiz is sent through to the clinic so when the client arrives we’ve already got an idea of their concerns and can start thinking about what sort of treatments might suit them and what Reformaskin programme would be best for them.
A lot of the concerns that clients come to us with have taken years to develop, so there’s no overnight fix. It’s a treatment programme, it’s a 48-week skincare journey. We’ve offered Reformaskin for quite some time, the relaunch is making it even simpler for our clients. We really want to empower them so they can take control of their skin. It’s really about making it easy and for us to being able to tailor those treatments even more.

What are the key concerns that Reformaskin can address?

We have a family of three different Reformaskin programmes so we can repair anything from advanced skin damage, redness, congestion, lines and wrinkles. Maintaining a youthful skin.
We get a lot of patients who might not have a tangible problem as such, so it’s about preventing ageing and maintaining a youthful look.

What are some of the treatments that might be included in a Reformaskin programme?

Reformaskin is made up of correcting skincare treatments in-clinic and high performance products. Conditioning treatments, such as microdermabrasion and sonophoresis infusions, condition the skin to prevent future ageing, or condition it prior to some of the more intensive treatments. Rebuilding treatments focus on rebuilding the lower levels of the skin and include photorejuvenation and dermal rolling to target redness, acne scarring and lines and wrinkles. Restructuring treatments are done by a registered nurse using the fractional c02 laser to significantly reduce lines and wrinkles and improve skin firmness.

Caci understand that nothing is one size fits all, especially when it comes to skin and body. That’s why personalisation is key. Because at the end of the day, it’s about you and getting the best results for your skin and body. Sign up to any Caci treatment plan for 31 August and receive complimentary facials for a year. Click here to find out more. 



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