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The Secret To Glowing Skin


The Secret To Glowing Skin
The steps to take for healthy, sun-kissed skin year-round.

You can layer on all the imperfection-banishing, radiance-promising foundation you like, but if you want an around-the-clock glowing complexion, you need to take care of your canvas first. “The ritual of a multi-step skincare regimen will help to achieve a flawless, healthy and youthful looking complexion,” says Elizabeth Arden education manager, Sheryll Puku. But do we really need a 15-step process to keep our skin in tiptop health? “Lifestyle and age are a huge consideration when you’re customising your routine, which can range from a cleanser, serum and a moisturiser, to a more complex routine, which would also include a booster, essence and serum.” Puku says that if you’re older, have a high-stress lifestyle or a particular skin concern, you’ll probably need more steps in your routine to maintain skin health.

Summer is often the time many of us like to adopt a laissez-faire approach to beauty, and it is possible to pare back your routine while still caring for your canvas. Besides, sultry summer temperatures and heavy layers of foundation don’t tend to complement each other well.

You’ll still need to include cleansing, hydration and protection, but only daily, says Puku. Exfoliation is crucial too but can be curtailed to suit your skin type. “Regular exfoliation will detach dead skin cells on the skin’s surface and help to promote cell renewal for smoother, more refined, more radiant skin,” she explains. “If these dead skin cells sit on the surface of the skin, they clog the pores and make the complexion look dull.” Ensuring you exfoliate regularly won’t just keep skin radiant, it can enhance the penetration of active ingredients from your treatment products too, says Puku. Just make sure you exfoliate according to your skin type and needs – because exfoliation stimulates oil production, those with oily skin need to exfoliate less frequently than those with dry skin.

Skincare aside, there are other steps you can take for glowing skin. While holidays are traditionally a time to indulge, start the new year off by thinking about beauty from the inside out and your skin will reap the benefits. “While it’s natural for our skin to lose its elasticity and thin out over time, environmental ageing, including lifestyle factors such as stress, diet, smoking, medication and lack of sleep can accelerate the ageing process considerably,” explains Puku. Neglect lifestyle factors and the end result is often looking older than your age, she says. “You can’t control what type of skin you inherit, but you can control the damage you inflict on your skin yourself.”





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