The Russian ‘road fairy’ fixing potholes at night

Veronika Bobrus PHOTO: Ren TV Omsk
Veronika Bobrus PHOTO: Ren TV Omsk

A Russian florist has become an overnight sensation after a video of her was filmed fixing potholes in the midst of darkness on a snow-covered street.

Veronika Bobrus, 26, became an overnight celebrity in Omsk, southern Siberia, after a dashcam video of her fixing roads was posted online. The Russian media has nicknamed her the ‘road fairy’ as well as the reputation of a lone crusader against government inaction.

“I got fed up with the state of our roads,” Bobrus told the BBC. “I keep hitting potholes, so I thought I’d just go and fill them.” She repairs the potholes using concrete and gravel.

The town’s mayor, however, is not happy with the Christmas spirit of giving from Bobrus.

Mayor Vyacheslav Dvorakovskiy said unauthorised pothole repairs could affect the overall condition of the road.

“If this kind of job is done using unknown materials and unknown skills, it can actually be a disservice,” he told the Super Omsk news website, according to the BBC. “The best thing to do is report any defects in the road surface to us, and we’ll do our best to repair them as soon as possible.”



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