The Food Trends of 2018


The Food Trends of 2018
6 key trends sweeping the global food scene this year.

Foodies, take note. There are several food trends set to take over the international food scene in 2018. Some are familiar while others may be unexpected, but without doubt, trying all is a must. We round up just a few of the top trends this year.

Super powders: not surprisingly, super powders will continue to dominate dishes, eateries and diets. Think matcha, spirulina and turmeric. Discover the healing powers of turmeric and find out why you should be eating matcha.

Floral notes: edible flowers are going to be a key addition to meals in 2018. While decorating dishes with petals and whole flowers – typically roses or pansies – is set to become commonplace, adding strong botanical notes is another floral trend to try.

Vegan everything: vegan food made waves in 2017 and is set to grow even more popular this year. This means avoiding all animal products and eating plant-based meals and snacks. Check out our favourite vegan recipes here.

Root-to-stem eating: this trend involves eating the entire fruit or vegetable, including stems and leaves. Not only does it open up new recipe ideas, it increases vegetable intake and reduces waste. Discover more about root-to-stem eating here.

Coconut craze: coconut has become a staple ingredient, replacing milks and yoghurts for many and dominating baking recipes around the world. We will see more of coconut in 2018, in both sweet and savoury dishes as well as smoothies and other drinks. Try our healthy coconut chocolate bars.

Puffed and popped: interested already? Puffed and popped snacks are created by being subjected to intense pressure and heat – meaning no frying or baking. This healthier snack alternative is set to take over the humble potato chip this year. Think puffed chips, rice snacks and hummus popped snacks as a starting point.

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