The Best New Beauty for August

August is a busy month for the beauty world with a plethora of innovative products launching. To make navigating the beauty counter easier, we’ve rounded up our favourite best new beauty for August. 

1. La Prairie‘s luxurious complexion collection gets two new additions this month: Skin Caviar Loose Powder ($315 pictured below) and Skin Caviar Powder Foundation ($315). Both formulations are infused with the house’s famous skin-nurturing Caviar Extract, which means that both are much more than just make-up: they work like skincare too, so over time skin is more hydrated and fine lines and wrinkles are less visible.

2. We’ll be honest: it was love at first sight with Prada Candy Night (80ml EDP, $215). The stunning bottle aside, the scent is mesmerising too. It stays true to the Candy collection’s signature gourmand heart but delves into a slightly more seductive territory with captivating notes of patchouli, musk and tonka bean. 

3. If you’re tired of seeing everyone you follow on Instagram frolicking on the sunny Italian coastline, don’t fret: a spritz of Tom Ford’s latest signature scent will transport you somewhere sun-dappled. Costa Azzurra Acqua (50ml EDP, $215) is the latest addition to Mr Ford’s Neroli Portofino collection and is a fresher version of his original 2014 Costa Azzurra fragrance. It’s almost like a tropical mid-winter getaway in a bottle with its uplifting green notes and sparkling citrusy facets.

4. When you’re burning the candle at both ends – be it frequent long-haul flying, taxing work hours or just life throwing something unexpected your way – it can show on your skin. Thanks to EstĂ©e Lauder we’ve now got a trusty go-to that we can turn to when life takes its toll on our complexion. New Advanced Night Repair Intense Reset Concentrate ($145) has been created to be called upon when your skin needs it the most. If harnesses advanced Chronolux S.O.S. technology that soothes stressed skin and restores radiance and health to your complexion quickly.


best new beauty for august

5. While there are plenty of skincare products out there that promise that luminous skin that everyone is after, nothing helps your complexion glow quite like including a great acid in your beauty routine. Murad’s very clever new Replenishing Multi-Acid Peel ($145 from and Caci nationwide) promises to accelerate the cell renewal process by 33 per cent in just seven days. And while it can be hard to settle on which acid to include in your routine, you don’t need to worry about that dilemma with Murad’s new release as the bi-phase peel includes an innovative blend of glycolic, lactic, malic, salicylic and tranexamic acids. Apoptogenic holy basil that helps counteract irritation. 

6. LancĂ´me‘s iconic skincare offering, Advanced GĂ©nifique (30ml, $137) turns 10 this year and get’s an innovative makeover to help celebrate the occasion. While the formula stays true to the lightweight, luxurious texture that GĂ©nifique fans already know and love, the new formulation draws on game-changing research that has been done on the skin’s microbiome. To keep skin healthy, glowing and your microbiome balanced the new formula has been packed with prebiotics and probiotics. Pick up the September issue of MiNDFOOD, on sale 5 August, to read our exclusive interview with the scientist who brought the new formulation to life. 

7. Spring is just around the corner and YSL Vernis A Lervres Water Stain ($69) arrives just in time to freshen up pouts. The unique formula combines the best of lip gloss and lipstick to create a lip colour that delivers serious colour payoff while feeling incredibly comfortable. In other words, it’s glossy without being sticky and long-wearing without being drying, making it a handbag essential. 

8. The opening of New Zealand’s very first Sephora has meant that we can now get our hands on a whole array of brands that are new to the country. We’re not going to lie, our Sephora shopping lists are on the long side; however, there was a certain concealer that has a cult-like following that made top of the list. Tarte‘s Shape Tape has been praised by make-up artists and beauty buffs around the globe and since getting our hands on one it has been easy to understand why. The formulation flawlessly covers imperfections and dark circles while staying put right around the clock and nourishing skin with mango see and shea butter.

best new beauty for august


How to Clean Your Make-Up Brushes

A great set of make-up brushes is essential if you want to create a flawless complexion and head-turning beauty look – you can discover our favourite must-have make-up brushes right here. Because you’re most likely using them on a day-to-day basis, knowing how to clean your make-up brushes is not only essential if you want them to last the distance, but is crucial if you want your complexion to be healthy and luminous.

Make-up brushes are notorious for harbouring bacteria. And if you forget to clean your brushes regularly you could end up subjecting your skin to unwanted breakouts, congested pores, and irritation and inflammation. 

To help keep your skin glowing and healthy and to keep your brushes in tip-top condition, here are our top tips for how to clean your make-up brushes.

How to Clean Your Make-Up Brushes

Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush Cleanser ($40); Sephora Collection Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner ($14); MAC Brush Cleanser ($28); MECCA MAX Sponge & Brush Shampoo ($20); Clinique Makeup Brush Cleanser ($37)

How often should you clean your make-up brushes?

Unless you’re a make-up artist, you don’t need to clean your make-up brushes each time you use them. Instead, you should aim to give your brushes a quick clean each week and a thorough wash once a month. 

If you’re borrowing someone else’s make-up brushes or lending your brushes to a friend, the make-up artist rule does apply: ensure that make-up brushes are cleaned before they are used on someone else.

How should I clean my make-up brushes?

A great spray-on make-up brush cleanser should do the trick for your once-a-week clean, provided you’re the only one using them. Look for an antibacterial spray, such as MECCA MAX Brush Refresh Mist that has been designed to get the job done quickly. Simply spritz onto your brushes and then used a tissue or cloth to remove make-up.

When it comes to your monthly clean it pays to invest in a make-up brush shampoo. Avoid using household detergents as they can destroy the bristles. Gently work your chosen cleanser through the bristles before running through warm water to rinse thoroughly.

Although it can be tempting to speed up the drying process with the likes of a hairdryer, applying heat to your brushes can damage the brushes and change the shape of brushes. Instead, find a flat surface, such as a table, and lie them flat with the bristles overhanging the edge of the surface so brushes maintain their shape as they dry.