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The beauty experts at MECCA reveal their top trend predictions 2024


The beauty experts at MECCA reveal their top trend predictions 2024
The experts responsible for selecting the brands and products that line the shelves at MECCA stores, gaze into their crystal ball.

The trend cycle is exhausting for everyone, but if you’ve ever visited a multi-brand beauty megastore, you’ll likely step out with your head spinning. 

Such is the array on offer, it can be hard to know where to start. 

So imagine the challenge for the buying and trend-forecasting team at MECCA, one of those beauty emporiums that always seems to be one step ahead. 

The secret is, those key figures have the founders of some of the world’s biggest beauty brands like Drunk Elephant, NARS, Charlotte Tilbury and Augustinus Bader on their speed dial, a hotline to the innovation pipeline developing beauty’s next big thing. They know what’s happening months and often years out from products landing on those packed shelves in-store. While they don’t always know which launches will be a sell-out, you can bet by know they have a pretty good idea. 

The company also has a team dedicating to scouting new brands around the world, looking for those with something unique to offer shoppers Down Under.

That makes them perfectly placed to share some trends that are likely to have an influence on the beauty products we’re going to be buying wearing and sharing this year. 

For a look ahead, Mecca’s team have shared what they are picking to be big in beauty this year.

MECCA’s 2024 trend predictions


Makeup Made Modern – For time-poor beauty lovers, multi-use products that can be applied with less tools are where it’s at. Think iridescent eyeshadows swiped on with a finger, cream blushes dabbed in with fingers and skin tints pressed in with hands. And it’s not just TikTokers using their hands to apply their makeup, brand founders of Violette_FR and Westman Atelier are all about the casual, time-saving and on-the-go way to apply.

Makeup is back, but it’s matte – Colour, contour, experimentation. A full face of makeup is back, but the days of super glossy, glassy looks are beginning to wane. From the ‘Cloud Makeup’ trend (coined by MAC Cosmetics UK’s Director Of Makeup Artistry Dominic Skinner) to the resurgence of ‘90s/early 2000s fashion and makeup (*enter mob-wife aesthetic*), we’re seeing a return to more matte and satin finishes in our makeup. Imagine the ultra-matte moments of the 2010s had a baby with the super dewy looks of the 2020s – it’s the best of both worlds.


Skin is in – and it’s simple: Real skin has never had more face time. This moment is about stripping it back and celebrating your real skin and real face but with bespoke, made-for-you, simple routines. The days of the 10-step K-Beauty routine are waning. We’ve barraged our skin with myriad products, played chemist by mixing ingredients, and overdosed on actives. Add in that we’re busy and life’s expensive and we’re now looking for less fuss and more results. “Less is more” has never been more relevant as we look for products designed to serve multiple functions and simplify our beauty routines.

Sci-fluence Skincare: The rise of Sci-fluence skincare has brought a new level of credibility and trust to the beauty industry. Expert-backed brands such as Augustinus Bader, Dr Dennis Gross Skincare & Dr Barbara Sturm are taking centre stage, with an emphasis on clinical trials and scientific research to validate their product claims. These brands prioritise transparency and expertise of dermatologists, scientists and skincare professionals. By bringing science to the forefront, they aim to revolutionize the way we approach skincare.

Microbiome hits the mainstream: The skin barrier has never been more buzzworthy – and it’s the answer to modern skin concerns. Just like “gut health” had its moment, we’re now looking at the flora of the face as well. Barrier protection is dominating the new beauty sphere with brands like Cultured, Allies of Skin and KORRES offering pre-biotic, probiotic and fermented cleansers, serums, mists and more that work on the skin’s microbial roots. We’re also predicting this to be the beginning of a movement – more than just a trend, it’s not going away anytime soon.

Modern-day scent creatives are throwing out the rulebook, making innovative, interesting and unexpected fragrances.


New and niche: Reframed as a new-age artform, the indie scent space is more inclusive, more accessible and less gender-rigid, offering new and intriguing ways to express yourself through scent, and own a piece of wearable art.

Fragrance wardrobe and personalisation – The fragrance industry has witnessed a growing trend towards fragrance wardrobing, where consumers move away from a signature fragrance and instead create a collection of unique and bespoke scents to match their mood and personality each day. In addition, fragrance wardrobing allows consumers to express themselves creatively through layering scent, which sees customers combine multiple fragrances to create a personalised and complex scent profile. Over recent years, brands have harnessed this trend by offering fragrance wardrobing sets, services and collections designed to mix and match.  


Scalp Health –  After years (and years) of indulging the skin on our face with active ingredients by way of results-driven creams, serums, peels and scrubs, the scalp is finally getting the attention it deserves. Head and scalp care have become a popular focus in the beauty industry in recent years, with more and more consumers recognising the importance of taking care of their scalp health. ​Products specifically targeted towards scalp care, such as scalp scrubs, scalp treatments, and hair masks, have all seen a surge in popularity. These products aim to remove buildup, reduce dandruff, and promote healthy hair growth by nourishing the scalp. 

Headcare – Driven by modern skincare formulas, an economic emphasis on at-home hair rituals and increased hair loss caused by COVID-19 and dietary deficiencies, hair routines are going beyond a grocery-bought rinse and repeat to encourage healthier growth, boost shine and manageability, balance oil and flaking. Brands like Arkive, Ceremonia and Necessaire are leading the pack here, with a focus on beautifully perfumed products and an emphasis on mental health. A healthy head is a healthy mind.


The Everything shower ­- “The everything shower” refers to a showering trend that goes beyond basic cleansing and incorporates a range of self-care practices. It has gained popularity as individuals seek to enhance their shower routine and create a more indulgent and pampering experience. ​During an everything shower, people incorporate various self-care practices such as exfoliating, shaving, deep conditioning hair treatments, and using luxurious cleansers or body scrubs.​The ‘clean girl’ aesthetic has taken ‘#showertok’ and the ‘#nighttimeroutine’ to a whole new level, with the latter hashtag amassing 14.4B views on the TikTok.​ It’s no longer just about cleanliness but also about nurturing the body and mind, creating a moment of self-care and rejuvenation. 


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