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Sussex split: What’s next for Meghan?

Sussex split: What’s next for Meghan?

The Queen has granted her blessing for the Sussexes to embark on their “new lives”, and it’s left many of us wondering what’s next for former actress Meghan.

Sussex split: What’s next for Meghan?

We speculate what’s ahead for the reluctant Duchess.

A return to acting

Harry and Meghan have declared their intentions to become financially independent, with the Queen confirming they’ve “made it clear that they do not want to be reliant on public funds”.

So how will they fund their lavish lifestyle?

There’s been speculation Meghan could make a return to acting, despite declaring she was retiring in 2017.

She’s previously been the star of hit legal drama Suits, which was filmed in Toronto.

With Toronto being a hub of film and television production, there should be plenty of opportunities for Meghan to take on roles while she lives in Canada.

Although, with the pair choosing to shirk the spotlight, it’s possible Meghan won’t want her face beamed across television sets again anytime soon.

Voiceover work could be better suited to the Duchess, and already there are rumours Meghan has signed a deal with Disney to lend her voice to a project.

It’s been reported she’ll do some voiceovers in exchange for a donation to wildlife charity Elephants Without Borders.

The gossip gained momentum after a video resurfaced in which Prince Harry was overheard talking to Disney CEO Bob Iger about Meghan’s voiceover talents.

One thing’s for sure – we can’t see Meghan making a return to Deal or No Deal!

Tell-all interviews

There’s been suggestion Harry and Meghan could give a tell-all interview to talk show host Gayle King.

The journalist behind the ITV documentary filmed during Harry and Meghan’s tour of Africa, Tom Bradby, has hinted an interview could be very damaging to the royals.

“I have some idea of what might be aired in a full, no-holds-barred sit-down interview and I don’t think it would be pretty,” said Bradby, who is friends with Harry and Meghan.

Perhaps Meghan would prefer sitting on the other side of the interview, with some suggesting she would be great as host of her very own talk show. 

Charity work and royal duties

On their website, the Duke and Duchess said they “aim to continue to fly the flag for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, as called upon”, suggesting royal duties will still form part of their lives.

They say they’ll continue to honour their patronages, but they will also be launching a new charitable entity, with more details to be released “in due course”.

Meghan has reportedly been using her time in North America to make the most of her Hollywood connections in preparation for the launch and to assist with fundraising.

A PR overhaul 

The Duke and Duchess hired PR crisis firm Sunshine Sachs in September, supposedly to help with their Sussex Royal foundation. However, it came at a time of damaging controversies for Meghan and Harry.

In hindsight, the hiring of the PR firm was a telltale sign of the pair’s plans, as was their decision to trademark products with their name and the launch of their Instagram account. With PR traditionally handled by Palace staff, moving to work with an American company exposed their ambitions to focus their time closer to the States.

Meghan’s former publicist from her time on Suits, Keleigh Thomas Morgan, is a partner of the company, another hint that Meghan could be making a return to acting. 

Motherhood in North America 

It’s not yet known where Archie will be raised and educated as Harry and Meghan go between Canada and the UK.

One thing that’s highly likely is that Harry and Meghan will keep shielding Archie from the public gaze. Now that they plan to be financially independent and not reliant on the UK taxpayers, they won’t feel as obliged to share details of Archie’s life with the public. 

We hope it’s only a matter of time before Meghan and Harry announce a sibling for baby Archie too!

Archie's first outing in public has been a standout highlight of the Royal Tour. REUTERS

Residing in Canada

While Harry and Meghan had said they plan to live part-time in “North America” in their initial statement, the Queen’s statement following her meeting with Harry was more specific, stating they will spend time in Canada.

Referring to the Duke and Duchess’ move to Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said there will be “many discussions to come on how that works”.

“There’s still a lot of decisions to be taken by the Royal Family and by the Sussexes themselves as to what level of engagement they choose to have and these are things that we are supportive of,” he said.

With Meghan living in Toronto while she filmed Suits, the pair already have a network of friends to call upon while living in Canada.

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