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Spring Skincare Series: Clean up your beauty routine

Spring Skincare Series: Clean up your beauty routine
The time has come to transition your beauty cabinet and your skin into spring.

The temperature isn’t the only thing to change once spring arrives;  the arrival of a new season can wreak havoc on skin. Prevent any problems before they arrive by following these beauty tips.

Beauty from within

Before you even reach for your skincare, remember: a luminous, flawless complexion begins from within. Ditch sugar-laden treats and eat you way to glowing skin by loading your diet with fresh fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, good fats and proteins. Our skin food favourites include vitamin C and antioxidant-rich berries and kiwifruit and avocados and almonds with their ability for fend off free radicals with vitamin. Well-hydrated skin starts from within too: reaching for water instead of caffeine and sugary drinks will help you perfect your canvas.

Get glowing

While winter can leave our skin parched, the warmer months tend to have the opposite effect on complexions. Our skin tends to be better at retaining moisturise over spring and summer, so now is the perfect time to think about switching your moisturiser out for something lighter. Estée Lauder Global Anti-Aging Wake Up Balm can be worn alone or over the top of moisturiser to boost your skin’s radiance. The lightweight formula contains an energising complex to awaken skin and light-reflecting pearls that enhance your complexion’s luminosity without weighing skin down.

Try: Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme+ Global Anti-Aging Wake Up Balm ($99)

Find a multitasking moisturiser

Using a moisturiser that does it all will help you to declutter your beauty cabinet and get the most out of your beauty regimen. Estée Lauder’s new Revitalizing Supreme+ Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Crème ($162 for 50mls) combines the best hydrating technology with powerful youth-restoring ingredients, so your skin isn’t just deeply nourished, it’s plumper, smoother and more radiant too.

Estée Lauder Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Crème ($162 for 50mls)

Take a light approach

Spring calls for a lighter approach to foundation too, thankfully new generations formulas are all about blending the best skincare benefits with colour the blends seamlessly with skin tones. And we never can say no to a beauty multi-tasker: Estée Lauder’s latest creation, Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick, combines the best of both worlds – it’s part skincare-enriched foundation and part pro tool. The innovative formula instantly hydrates skin while providing weightless coverage that feels like your skin – the clever cushion tip is removable too, so you can keep this must-have tool in top condition.

Try: Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup ($69)

Out with the old, in with the new

It’s time to wave goodbye to that serum or lipstick you’ve been holding on to for far too long. Get rid of anything that’s lurking in your beauty cabinet or make-up bag that smells off, has changed colour or texture. On the off chance you do pick up beauty products you haven’t used in quite sometime, you could end up doing your skin more harm than good – once skincare and make-up is exposed to air – not to mention hands, eyes and skin – bacteria starts to set up home. Familiarise yourself with the little open jar symbols that you’ll find on the bottom of most products. The Period After Opening symbol is a good indication of how many months a product can be safely used for.

This post was brought to you by Estée Lauder.


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