Sonny Bill awards his medal to young fan


Sonny Bill awards his medal to young fan
Proof that nice guys can finish first

Amidst the incredible elation following the All Blacks Rugby World Cup winning performance on Sunday morning, there was one fan who was so keen to commend his hero, that he attempted to fly past security.

The young boy decided his time was now, jumped the barricades at Twickenham and made haste for the team, barely controlling his will to congratulate his country men.

Unfortunately for Charlie, his beeline ended rather abruptly, as a security member ended his efforts with a tackle.

Just as Charlie was hitting the ground, All Blacks midfielder Sonny Bill Williams was conducting his lap of honour and noticed the young boy being taken out.

‘I was walking around doing a lap of honour with the boys and a young fella came running out and he got smoked by the security guard, like full on tackled him,’ Williams told reporters after the game.

“I felt sorry for the little fella” he added.

Williams wasn’t about to let his teams’ historic win be dampened by an unnecessary event that would leave a bitter taste in the mouth of his young fan.

So, when Williams reached to assist the young boy, he decided to give him something better to remember – rather than the taste of pitch grass.

The formidable player bestowed the greatest reward onto the young boy, gifting him his winning medallion, before embracing him in a hug.

As could be expected, Charlie was elated, barely being able to contain his excitement, as he exited the field with a priceless item he will forever remember.




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