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Review: Take a mini escape with this nurturing, glow-inducing Pure Fiji facial

By Megan Bedford

Pure Fiji Facial
About Face’s Pure Fiji Island Time facial is a desirable combination of full-body relaxation and glow-inducing skin treatment.

Waking up with a start during a facial and realising you’ve dozed off isn’t ideal.

Besides the embarrassment factor, it’s the fact you’ve missed enjoying some of the details. In a busy life, making the most of every minute of the 60 or so you’ve set aside – not to mention the cost – is so important. 

But when I had a wee snooze at the hands of Paige from About Face during my recent visit, to me it was a sure sign of the treatment being something truly special. 

In part that’s because as a beauty editor, I’ve experienced all kinds of treatments over the years, but I’ve never fallen asleep once. I’ve also experienced a lot of stress lately and usually have a million things ticking over in my mind during a treatment.

So it’s a testament to the true sense of tranquility and relaxation that is part of the About Face’s Pure Fiji Island Time facial, that I managed to truly switch off. 

Relaxation and results

The treatment is nestled among a long list of facials and high tech skin treatments on About Face’s menu. If you have a skin challenge, feel like age is taking its toll or just want to add a little glow to your complexion there are a huge range options to consider that will deliver results.

But the beauty of the Pure Fiji Island Time facial in particular is that it’s like having a mini holiday getaway – mind and body reset included – in the space of an hour in a clinic found in inner city, or suburban Auckland. 

It’s not just a simple facial either, as elements of the experience, which uses the Pure Fiji line of skincare, treats your entire body. It’s a delight for the senses, with deep relaxation, the magic of restorative touch and beautiful botanical oils and aromas that capture the experience of a South Pacific escape. 

But it also delivers key modern active ingredients and the elements of a great facial – a good cleanse, exfoliation and deep hydration as well. So you’re not just getting a fluffy woo-woo moment – it’s giving your skin a serious rev-up too. 

It’s this combination and feeling of being cared for top-to-toe that makes the treatment so rare and special, as well as a beautiful moment to gift a friend or loved one – perfect with Christmas coming up. 

The facial experience

When I arrive I run through a short consultation with Paige so she can understand the current state of my skin, any products I’m using and any health conditions so she can tailor the facial specifically to me. The beauty of this treatment is that it suits all skin types, even the most sensitive, as it can be customised. 

She runs through the order of treatment for me and then I nestle between the fluffy towels on the warmed treatment bed to begin. 

To start with, I’m asked to take a deep inhale of a Pure Fiji signature infusion scent (mine was Dragonfruit) before Paige starts on a deeply relaxing Lomi Lomi back massage. 

Next, in a moment that makes me giggle, she carries out a hydrating foot ritual, slathering my feet in warm body butter and trussing them up like a hot chicken in foot covers and specially designed wheat-bag booties that offer the the perfect amount of pressure and help the hydrating oils to soften my skin. 

Then the facial begins with a double cleanse and exfoliation using delectable smelling Pure Fiji products and gives my skin a good tingle thanks to the gentle papaya extract that helps remove dead skin cells and impurities.

A deeply relaxing Lomi Lomi back massage is part of the treatment.

It’s here that my ‘add-on’ light treatment is carried out to help the ingredients do their thing as well as prompt skin to rejuvenate itself from deep below the surface. You can read about how LED works here, but it’s chosen to help strengthen and soothe skin and give a beautiful glow. This is an addition to the classic Pure Fiji Island Time facial and costs a bit more but it’s great if you’re looking to level up your results. 

You’re given eye covers but the light feels intensely bright to begin with. I actually liken it to lying on a sunny beach with your eyes closed. This makes me feel like I’ve been whisked away to Fiji even more, so I’m not mad about the 15 mins spent like this, but it also helps that I’m given a lovely arm and hand massage during. 

Afterwards it’s on with the rest of the facial, including the most divine facial massage I’ve ever had. It’s here I drift away and awaken what I think is a few minutes later.

A further cleanse, hydrating mask, lower leg and foot massage, eye cream and serums applied, finishing with a scalp massage and the time is up. 

When you purchase a facial, you really want an experience that isn’t remotely close to what you could do yourself at home in your bathroom, and that’s certainly the case here. 

I’m left feeling calm, happy and relaxed but also a sensation I wasn’t expecting – feeling deeply cared for. 

As an adult we’re often constantly caring for and worrying about others, we don’t often get time to be gentle or have someone else be gentle with us. It’s just a reality of life, but having someone smooth, scrub and massage you so firmly and kindly from head to toe was just such a lovely experience.

I highly recommend gifting this treatment to anyone always going the extra mile for everyone else, or going through a challenging time, so they can feel cared for and relaxed too. 

The Pure Fiji Island Time Facial is $139 for 60 minutes, with the LED Light Booster add-on and extra $85.

Dragon fruit delight

Pure Fiji creates all its products, for home use as well as in-spas, with lovely natural oils and fresh ingredients with minimal processing, many harvested by hand with environmentally responsible processes.

It has an extensive facial skincare line with modern and effective active ingredients. Pure Fiji’s body care is also raved about for its nourishing properties and divine natural scent infusions. Body lotions, scrubs and the like are available in a range of infusions including coconut, mango, guava or moringa. 

The latest infusion to land, which I experienced in the body oil and lotions used during my treatment, is Dragon Fruit. 

The scent is fruity and sweet but what’s more, the new Dragon Fruit infusion contains a potent prebiotic ingredient which will rebalance the skin’s microbiome and fortify its protective barrier so skin looks and smells beautiful, but is more resilient too. The Dragon Fruit range, a limited edition release, is available to shop now. 

About Face’s Pure Fiji Island Time facial is available to purchase as a gift voucher for Christmas with a free Pure Fiji Body Lotion & Shower Gel, valued at $35.50, from 1st November.

For more information and to book at one of About Face’s seven Auckland clinics, visit



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