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Sydney Sweeney Shares Five Beauty Secrets She Swears By


Sydney Sweeney. Image / @melissa.hernandez
Sydney Sweeney. Image / @melissa.hernandez
It's fair to say Sydney Sweeney has captured our hearts since arriving on the Hollywood scene several years ago.

The actress’s gritty break-out role as Cassie in Gen-Z hit show Euphoria first grabbed our attention, but it’s her appearances in The White Lotus, The Handmaid’s Tale and recent rom-com Anyone But You that cemented her place on the A-List. Not content with just one job, she also served as an executive producer for Anyone But You to help ensure it was a hit.

She gets our serious respect for her talent, but we love the 26-year-old’s obvious passion for fashion and beauty too. Sweeney regularly rocks up on red carpets wearing playful and stylish ensembles few other actresses would dare to don.

Her stylist Molly Dickson recently shared that Sweeney is very involved in choosing her looks, sending Dickson old runway images from the 90s and early 2000s to emulate.

Then there’s her envy-inducing tumbling blonde locks, always styled to perfection.  No surprise then, along with her roles supporting brands including Miu Miu, Laneige, Armani and Ford, she’s just been announced as Global Brand Ambassador for luxury haircare brand Kérastase.

She also keeps her cool when the rumours swirl, like the ones that raised the idea her chemistry with Anyone But You co-star Glen Powell was something more than just great acting. That’s despite the fact Sweeney has been engaged to Chicago businessman Jonathan Davino since 2022.

And while we’re keen to learn all her style and beauty secrets, she also has plenty of other expertise to share. Like the fact she recently restored a 1969 Ford SUV by hand. She began sharing her project on her TikTok account for her family (her handle is @syds_garage) but plenty of fans jumped on board and the account now has 1.7m followers.

But back to those beauty tips:

She loves a hair oil

With thick blonde locks to manage, Sweeney tells Vogue her hair has been on a ‘bit of a journey’.

“I recently learned about hair oiling and that silk pillowcases are great to prevent breakage when you sleep,” she says.  “I’ve also switched to using claw clips instead of hair ties to prevent breakage, plus I use the Kérastase Elixir Ultime Hair Oil, which nourishes my dead split ends.”

“My hair constantly has heat on it, plus it’s always being coloured for different jobs I’m doing, so the oil has been a life-saver.”

She relies on skincare masks for travel

“I’m definitely a skincare girlie on the plane,” Sweeney revealed to Vogue, saying she always jumps into her skincare routine soon after she boards, using a fluffy headband to keep her hair back while applying.

“I use the Laneige Sleeping Lip Mask and then I carry these 111 Skin Face Masks that I apply and fall asleep in. I always fall asleep on a plane – I can’t stay awake. When I wake up, I take them off, freshen up, and by then I’ve usually arrived at my destination.

Big hair is her default setting

She calls her hairstylist Glen [Glen Coco Oropeza] one of her best friends. “We’re always having so much fun together creating new looks for different events, she says. “I must admit I do love a big bouncy blowout!”

In September 2023 she celebrated her birthday with  80s-prom-themed party, wearing a frou-frou pink dress with huge va-va-voluminous disco curls to match.

She prioritises hydration and loves an ice roller

To keep her skin fresh and bright she says she drinks lots of water and using quenching skincare. Revealing she has very sensitive skin, she tries to keep a simple routine as she is also prone to cystic acne.

“I break out really easily, so simpler is better and easier for me.”

“I always put on Laneige’s Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic Serum, and then I’ll put on the Cream Moisturiser,” she tells W magazine.

“I use the eye cream morning and night; I think that’s really important to do. I also put eye gels on, over the eye cream, to let it soak in. Then, I ice roll my face to depuff it. And usually, I’m ice rolling all the way to work. Oh, and I finish with sunscreen. Don’t forget sunscreen after an ice roll session—very important.”

She keeps her makeup simple

“It depends on how my skin is that day, but I’ll either do a light light layer of the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation or I’ll just do their concealer and spot coverup, Sweeney tells Marie Claire.

“I’ll use [Armani] Luminous Silk blush and a little mascara. Sometimes I get my eyelashes tinted and lifted, so I don’t really use mascara too much. Other than that, I’m pretty simple.”


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