Put to the test: O Cosmedics SkinDNA Test

When it comes to healthy, age-proof skin, experts always say prevention is key. But preventing concerns that may – or may not – arise down the track isn’t always straightforward; after all, no two people age in exactly the same way. Fortunately, taking the guesswork out of creating the perfect skincare routine that will fend off the signs of ageing and enhance skin health might just be a simple O Cosmedics SkinDNA Test swab away.

“Up until now for beauty therapists it’s really been about looking at your skin and guessing what products and treatments we should be recommending depending on how your skin looks,” explains Christa Dickson of Pro Beauty – the company responsible for bringing the test to New Zealand shores.

But with one cheek swab, skincare experts are now able to predict how our skin will age and prescribe products that prevent those changes. The DNA test is completed by an independent, Australian-based medical laboratory, so there’s no skewing of results to favour certain skincare products; it only analyses skin markers.

The O Cosmedics SkinDNA Test examines 16 genetic markers in five categories associated with skin ageing: firmness and elasticity; glycation; sun damage and pigmentation; free radical damage; and sensitivity and inflammation. And although sagging skin may have been haunting me while I try to get my beauty sleep, according to my genetic markers I’m quite capable of protecting my collagen from breaking down. Unbeknownst to me, I need to be looking at irritants that could aggravate my sensitive skin. But it’s not all about what you put on your skin. Aside from the test recommending the right skincare ingredients and treatments, it’s also a good chance to rethink your diet and how you fuel your body.

Glycation – which isn’t my skin’s strongest point according to my DNA – occurs when excess glucose attaches to collagen and elastin fibres; the visible results are thinning skin, pillowing and uneven texture. Dickson recommends that I fuel up on foods rich in vitamins A and C and avoid sugary treats.

How much it costs: Considering how many thousands of dollars one could potentially spend on products and treatments that aren’t right for your skin, the price of $299 for O Cosmedics SkinDNA Test is affordable for a worthwhile investment that will last a lifetime.

Our verdict:

Although ageing is inevitable, slowing down the signs of skin ageing is entirely possible. It’s fascinating to understand how your skin will age and to work with your beauty therapist to come up with a preventative plan of attack, individual to you, as opposed to simply purchasing what’s hot on the market.

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Tom Ford ditches “see-now, buy-now” model

Iconic American designer Tom Ford has announced that he will abandon the see-now, buy-now model. While ford was one of the early adopters of the model, the designer will return to New York Fashion Week in September with to show spring/summer 2018.

WWD reports that Ford had initially been optimistic about the new approach to collections but “the store shipping schedule doesn’t align with the fashion show schedule.” Ford also revealed to WWD that business initially “boomed” following his see-now, buy-now show, but the hype around the collection did not account for coverage he ultimately lost through long-lead press.