Prada Men’s SS 20/21 & Women’s Resort

Prada has revealed its latest collection via a short film.

It’s been six months since fashionistas flocked to the fashion capitals of the world to sit front row and watch as new collections were paraded down the runway. Live runway shows feel like a thing of the past now with the COVID-19 irrevocably changing the fashion world as we know it. Over the last week, high fashion brands including Dior, Chanel and Viktor & Rolf have turned to digital mediums to bring their haute couture collections to life.

One can hazard a guess that it probably wasn’t the way Miuccia Prada had anticipated she would reveal her final solo collection for Prada – Raf Simons will join her at the helm as co-creative director later in the year. But last night Prada’s latest collection was revealed in digital format.

Aptly titled ‘The Show That Never Happened’ – a reference to the fashion world’s current predicament – Prada showcased the collection via a short film broken into five chapters.  The collection – Prada’s spring/summer 2020 and women’s resort collection – was interpreted through the lenses of five creatives: Terence Nance, Joanna Piotrowska, Martine Syms, Juergen Teller and Willy Vanderperre.

According to the fashion house, the collection draws attention back to clothes: ‘simple clothes, with a use and value, a longevity and a place within people’s lives,’ reads the accompanying press statement. ‘As times become increasingly complex, clothes become straightforward, unostentatious, machines for living and tools for action and activity,’ it continues.

Discover some of the must-see looks from the collection in the gallery below.

Watch The Show That Never Happened below.

The Best New Beauty to Buy During July

Looking to up the ante on your beauty routine? We’ve rounded up the best new beauty to buy during July.


When you’re suffering from oily, blemish-prone skin it can be tempting to cleanse and exfoliate skin in an attempt to remedy skin of excess oil. “Consumers often use harsh cleansers in an attempt to balance oily skin; stripping skin’s moisture barrier and disrupting its microbiome, ultimately exacerbating chronic oiliness,” explains Caroline Parker, head of education Dermalogica New Zealand. Dermalogica’s new Active Clay Cleanser helps balance oily skin while caring and nourishing it. The gentle dual-action clay and charcoal formula absorbs extract oil while a combination of botanical lipids and murumuru seed help protect the skin’s barrier and boost microbiome health.

The Best New Beauty to Buy During July



It doesn’t matter how many cutting-edge products you’re slathering onto your skin, healthy, radiant skin starts from within. Skin, the latest addition to No Ugly’s wellness tonics, has been formulated with a nourishing blend of skin regenerating ingredients. The tonic’s potent combo of ethically sourced French marine collagen, Enzogenol – a pine bark-derived antioxidant and a good dose of vitamin C help boost collagen production to plump and firm skin as well as enhancing hair and nail health.


The Best New Beauty to Buy During July



If you’ve ever attempted to read your cleanser’s ingredient list and felt perplexed,
Biologi’s new BC Refresh Cleanser puts an end the headache questionable ingredient listings can cause. The game-changer uses just one ingredient – the 100 per cent active and organic plant-derived Soapberry extract – to cleanse the skin.

The Best New Beauty to Buy During July


Luminous skin starts with the right skincare routine and nothing gets the job done quite like vitamin C. The go-to skincare ingredient which is cherished by skincare aficionados right around the globe boosts collagen production, neutralises free radical damage and reduces the appearance of pigmentation.  Murad’s new Vita-C Glycolic Brightening Serum combines two of our favourite glow-enhancing ingredients – glycolic acid gently exfoliates skin to help boost delivery of the formula’s unique Vita-C complex. 

The Best New Beauty to Buy During July


Up until recently, suffering from sensitive skin has often meant sacrificing skincare that offers serious results in favour of a calming skin ritual. Avene has combined the best of both worlds with new DermAbsolu range which features skincare ingredients that both soothe sensitive skin while fighting the signs of ageing. One of the stars of the range, the lightweight serum-in-oil Recontouring Serum, harnesses game-changing ingredients including vanilla polyphenols, sytenol – a natural retinol alternative – firm, reshape and skin-barrier-strengthening Glycoleol to help enhance skin health and redefine facial contours. 

The Best New Beauty to Buy During July

Now that you know all about the best new beauty to buy during July, here’s how you should be applying it to your skin.