Poem: Daylight Waking Daylight Sleeps

By Mark McGill

Dusk in forest with tree silhouette and colorful clouds

Heavy with steaming breath,

a mildewy musk greets piqued nostrils

as night’s spittle hanging heavily,

trees freshening by darkness gone

grass greening under sun strike,

an abandoned dog lies leaf collaged,

joyed by dawn’s soft caress

The sun’s elevation candles the air,

climbing chilly to tepid by degrees

lifting grey spirits to muted lemons,

not heightening yellows of joy,

but, enough to chase away despondency

In skies growing baby-blue fair

Midday light caressed with shy blushes

hopeful rays born by branch lattice,

patterns of change danced on puddles

decorative designs, bedevilling belief,

as zephyrs weaved a squirrelly path

through water-borne reeds and rushes

Dusk nearing yet lustre lasting

its golden glow harbouring a horizon’s hue,

hope radiating in glittering gold

beaconing windblown sunset sails

dipping lost, leaving pastel lilacs

sending shadow’s eerie casting

Daylight sleeps for the stars’ sake

the dawn dog warms into yellow browns

as breezes depart, dampness deepens,

sounds emanate from the dark, unease

and mystery migrates from all and every,

leaving hopes and dreams opaque


Mark McGill

Napier, NZ


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