3 Steps to Achieve Perfect Beach Hair All Year Round

It may be winter but there’s no reason you can’t jazz up your do by bringing back a summer favourite.

Beach hair is one of those summer gems that magically happens without too much effort, and ends up making you look like some surf babe off Home and Away.

The good news is that beach hair can be achieved without a dip in the ocean. Let’s face it, nobody wants to brave an icy plunge at this time of the year, but everybody does want a little beach hair to give their winter look a little extra pizzaz.

Here’s how to become a beach babe all 12 months of the year:

Spray Some Sea Salt

Step out of the shower, towel dry your hair and prepare for you locks to be transformed in just a few spritzes. Take your favourite sea salt spray, spritz all over from mid-strand down, and Alf Stewart’s your uncle.

Braid Your Hair

After letting loose with some sea salt, pop some loose braids in your hair. Then, choose to either air dry your hair or speed things up a little with a diffuser. Braiding your hair creates natural waves, almost as if you’ve just stepped out of the ocean. As it drys, you can always add some more product, depending on the outcome that you desire.

Finish With a Texture Spray

To fake a little wind-in-hair-action, finish with adding a little texture spray all over your hair. A good texture spray shouldn’t make your hair feel greasy or heavy, it should simply complete your beach babe look, making your hair as light and wavy as it was back in January.

CAMILLA AND MARC Has Released a Dreamy Vacation Edit

If you’re one of the lucky ones with a mid-winter escape to warmer climes booked, you’ll want to start working out what you’re going to pack in your suitcase. Fortunately, CAMILLA AND MARC’s capsule Vacation Edit arrives just in time for any tropical getaways that might be on the cards.
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