New mum Hilary Swank reveals juggle of parenting, acting and new sustainability deals

 Image / @HilarySwank
Image / @HilarySwank
Mother to 11-month-old twins Aya and Ohm, Hilary Swank is adding even more to her plate, with new business deals aimed at creating a better world for her children.

Swank has revealed she’s taking on more responsibility in her business life, despite admitting to People that nights are currently “hard.”

“I think that being a mother of twins, I never have had a singleton, so I don’t know what that’s like,” she told People at  the premiere of new film Ordinary Angels.

“But I know that the sleepless nights are hard and when you have one that might sleep through the night, the other one’s not, so it’s kind of this trade-off every night.”

The 49-year-old says she knows the challenges will evolve as her daughter and son, who she welcomed with husband Philip Schneider in April 2023, grow. Swank recently revealed her children’s names in a post on Instagram, and they are also seen for the first time in a new promotional image as she takes up a role with US babycare brand HealthyBaby.

“I know this is also a season, and it too will pass, and I try and remind myself that there’s going to be a day when I’m like, ‘Oh, I’d love to wake up right now and just hold you.’ So just trying and hold on to that.”

Hilary Swank with twins Ohm (left) and Aya (right), has taken on a new role as chief innovation officer at HealthyBaby alongside HealthyBaby Founder Shazi Visram. Image / Chris Sojka for HealthyBaby.

The Oscar-winning actress and film producer announced two new business roles within a week.

Determined to grow the appeal and accessibility of environmentally-responsible clothing, eight years ago Swank founded her sustainable clothing label Mission Statement.

Now, the star has signed a new deal for Mission Statement to be acquired by Ecofashion, a sustainable fashion ‘greenhouse’ of likeminded brands. Swank will also join Ecofashion’s executive team as a design director and brand ambassador.

Nigel Barker, Hilary Swank, Marci Zaroff of EcoFashion. Image / Supplied
Nigel Barker, Hilary Swank, Marci Zaroff of EcoFashion. Image / Supplied

Swank will work alongside founder Marci Zaroff and creative director Nigel Barker, a fashion photographer who became well known during his time as a judge on  “America’s Next Top Model.”

Ecofashion plans to release a series of certified organic, low-impact dyed, traceable, and ethically produced clothing ranges each year. The first capsule collection, consists of eight styles of simple black dresses and cardigans.

“I believe in wearing my values on my sleeve and wanted to build a brand that represented just that,” Swank explained on Instagram of her decision to create her label back in 2016.

She shared her desire for the new deal to propel the ethos of the brand “far beyond what I ever could have imagined”.

“My hope is that this partnership will help with the nascent global effort towards a shift in mindset in how we design, source, and fabricate quality fashion apparel.”

She has also stepped up as chief innovation officer at HealthyBaby, a babycare and maternal health brand.

Swank discovered HealthyBaby while researching diapers (nappies). The plastic neutral brand manufactures organic cotton Diapers as well as microbiome friendly skin care and a pre and postnatal vitamins.

“We are a disposable culture — food, movies, toys and clothing,” she explained of the new roles to WWD.

“As a mother, I want to look at the future for my babies, who are waving at me [laughs] and smiling. I’m being conscientious about what they’re wearing, consuming and the toys they are playing with,” she said.

She tells the fashion publication she’s also an advocate for using careful choices around purchasing and re-wearing items – rejecting Hollywood’s ‘wear-it-once’ approach.


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