Must-have jewellery for everyday wear

As much as we love to bring out our statement jewellery for special occasions, our day-to-day lives usually call for pieces that are a little more low key.

Your jewellery shouldn’t be hidden away in a box in the cupboard – many items can and should be worn every day. With these simple and elegant pieces from Orsini Fine Jewellery, you’ll possess a collection that can seamlessly transition from day to night and can help to elevate every outfit.

Here are some of our favourite pieces that are perfect for everyday wear:

Diamond studs

Diamonds are classic for a reason – they’re sturdy, timelessly elegant and they will go with everything you wear, so you can’t go wrong with a beautiful pair of diamond earrings.

Diamond stud earrings

We have a gorgeous selection of diamond studs at Orsini, such as the Hulchi Belluni Colori Earrings in 18k White Gold with Diamonds. These can be worn 24/7, which is perfect for a woman on the go.

A diamond bracelet

Pairing your diamond studs with a diamond bracelet is a cohesive and timeless combination. At Orsini, we have the perfect option for busy women who are rushing out the door – our Al Coro and Hulchi Belluni collections include stretch bracelets which are easy to slide on and off. The Al Coro Stretchy Tennis Bracelet with 66 Diamonds is a classic style with the added convenience of a stretchy band rather than a fussy clasp. The collections also include a number of refined designs with diamond detailing for a more laid-back look, such as the Hulchi Belluni Tresore Stretch Bracelet in 18k Rose Gold with Diamonds.

A gold bracelet

Just as a diamond bracelet will never go out of style, a gold bracelet is a piece to treasure and to wear as often as possible. The chunky style of the Iconica Bracelet in 18k Rose Gold can elevate a simple corporate outfit, and it comes in small, medium and large designs so you can select a style with proportions that best suit your tastes.

A pendant

A pendant is an understated way to add a hint of sparkle and shine to an ensemble, and it’s particularly appropriate for corporate wear. The Pomellato Iconica Necklace in 18k Rhodium Plated White Gold with Diamonds is simple yet sophisticated, or La Piazza Pendant in Rose Gold with Diamonds would look beautiful against a plain white work shirt.

A long necklace

Staple pieces are even more practical when there are multiple ways to wear them. A long necklace is like two for the price of one, as you can choose to wear it as is, or doubled over. Marco Bicego has many lovely long styles – the Jaipur Colour Necklace in 18k Yellow Gold with London Blue Topaz Gemstones Long has intense blue stones that make for an eye-catching choice.

Sarah’s favorite ‘go to’ pieces this winter is the Gucci interlocking G 18k gold long elegant necklace. The chain has an angular finish that catches the light, and the GG motif is subtle, yet visible if you are having closer conversations. Elegant enough for the boardroom or edgy with jeans and cashmere tops for winter months.

‘Fine jewellery is an investment in style and elegance, it can be worn year after year, with a multitude of looks and occasions’. says the jeweller.

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Take a peak at the new Saben ‘Wild Garden’ collection

For Saben founder and designer Roanne Jacobson, each season is an opportunity to create a new collection of leather handbags, wallets and accessories inspired by seasonal hues.

We sat down with Roanne to discuss the upcoming launch of ‘Wild Garden’ and the ideas behind this collection now in-stores and online.

“The beginning of a new season is a sacred time to pause, reflect and recalibrate for what’s ahead. Spring welcomes the return of light and life as we return to nature and the anticipation of warmth with the approaching season” – Roanne Jacobson, Saben founder and Designer

Wild Garden embodies the comforting effect nature has on us. Now more than ever we wanted to harness the calming effect nature has on the soul, looking inwards, taking time and shaking off the pressures of the world. The need to re-connect with our people and places while looking inward, we are reassured that the sun will continue to rise and the seasons continue to change.

The worlds of fashion, art and nature gently meld together as we wander through a Wild Garden discovering a hand picked palette of alabaster, clay, ivy, orchid and monarch. This combination of muted summery hues paired with earthy neutrals bring us into a nostalgic world. New season heroes Orchid and Monarch bring a vibrancy to the kaleidoscopic whirl of colour.

Part I of the Wild Garden collection is available online and in store now.

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