Must-have items for a mid-winter escape

If you’re lucky enough to get away for a brief winter escape, make sure you pack all the essentials. Our list of must-have items will ensure you don’t forget anything important.


Jimmy Choo Sold to Michael Kors

Luxury British footwear brand Jimmy Choo has been sold to American fashion label Michael Kors for $1.2 billion.

What this means for the iconic shoe brand is uncertain. Established in 1996, Jimmy Choo has been a frontrunner in the high fashion footwear scene for two decades. The label is known for its extravagant, embellished styles and soaring stiletto heels; in comparison, Michael Kors’ premium clothing and quality accessories seem world’s apart.

Whether Kors will lend his own touch to Jimmy Choo designs or continue in the same strand as the footwear label’s legacy is yet to be determined.