More than 1200 dead from South Asia storm

The effects of flooding in Karachi, Pakistan August 31, 2017.
The effects of flooding in Karachi, Pakistan August 31, 2017.
Nepal, India and Bangladesh continue to face relentless flooding.

The storm which hit South Asia last week continues to worsen, with the death toll reaching 1200. India, Nepal and Bangladesh have been blasted with rains of up to 97mm, causing extreme flooding that has covered roads and transformed paddocks into lakes.

In Karachi, Pakistan most of the city’s power was cut after dozens died from electrocution. Other victims throughout South Asia drowned or were crushed by collapsing buildings. Thousands of villages are completely submerged in the region, with one third of Bangladesh underwater, reports The Guardian.

Locals believe the flooding is the worst they have seen in over a decade. “We get flooding every year but I have never seen anything quite like this in my life,” says Indian farmer Ashok Baruah.

The storm adds to the recent trend of severe weather worldwide, with Hurricane Harvey still battering the United States and Hong Kong recovering in the wake of Typhoon Hato.





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