The One Thing The Queen and Meghan Markle Have in Common


The One Thing The Queen and Meghan Markle Have in Common
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is about to become Meghan Markle's grandmother-in-law. While the pair might not be very similar, there is one thing that they do have in common.

They’re going to be related in less than a month and may seem worlds apart in terms of personality, but Meghan Markle and the Queen do share one strong and lifelong interest – dogs. Both women have a love for dogs that will no doubt help create a bond between them in the years going forward.

The Queen has had a lifelong fascination with corgis and dorgis (dachshund-corgis), having grown up with the breeds as family pets. She was gifted her first corgi at eighteen years’ old and has owned multiple dogs ever since, at one time owning an impressive twelve.

Sadly, the Queen’s last-living corgi Willow was put down just last week due to a sudden illness. Her Majesty has publicly spoken of her affection for her pets throughout her reign, calling them family.

Meghan also loves dogs. While living in Toronto the former Suits star owned two canine companions, a Labrador-shepherd cross named Bogart and a beagle named Guy. The star regularly posted photos of her beloved pets on her former Instagram account.

Image: Meghan Markle Instagram

Bogart, whom Meghan sadly had to leave behind when moving to London, was a rescue dog that talk show host Ellen convinced her to adopt. “She’s like, ‘Rescue the dog!’” Markle told Best Health. “It’s sort of like if Oprah tells you to do something… And so I brought him home because Ellen told me to.” Luckily, Meghan was able to bring Guy with her to England.

Image: Meghan Markle Instagram


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