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How to Make Your Spray Tan Last Your Whole Holiday


Three beautiful girls on the beach lying on the sand
Three beautiful girls on the beach lying on the sand
Bad spray tans are a thing of the past, with these handy hints.

There are more spray tan horror stories then there are actual horror stories. The concept seems so simple, yet they have the potential to go so wrong.

A patchy tan is one of the biggest fake tan disasters waiting to happen. If you’re not aware of how to prevent it, chances are you’ll become its victim. So, to aid you in fake tanning success, we’ve put together a few tips on how to make your tan last the distance.

Here’s how to avoid a spray tan nightmare, and make it last the test of time…


In the lead up to your big appointment, plan your hair removal schedule. Shaving or waxing just before your tan can result in a patchy job, due to hair removal tearing away the first layer of skin. If you wax, do it 48 hours before treatment. If you shave, do it 24 hours before. No excuses.

You’ll also need to exfoliate your skin. Do this with an oil-free body scrub and up the ante with a pair of exfoliating gloves or a brush.

Top tip: take a shower before you tan to wash away any excess lotions and remove any sweat that might react with the tan.

On the day

Avoid putting on any makeup, deodorant or lotions as it’s best to be totally fresh when having fake tan applied. Also avoid wearing any jewellery as you don’t want it interfering with (or getting covered by!) your spray tan. Another handy hint is to wear baggy clothes to your treatment as tight clothes will ruin your tan.

Straight after

Make sure your spray tan artist dries you using the spray tan gun, with no mist coming out of it to speed up the drying process. Another important rule is not to get wet during the tan’s development time – no exercise, no running around in the rain, and nothing that will make you sweat. Also, stay away from perfume or deodorant while your tan sets to avoid a streaky mess.

The following day

Keep your skin hydrated at all times with a lightweight body lotion. A patchy tan is the result of skin drying out so avoid this at all costs!


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