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Luxe new lifting and firming moisturisers perfect for both ends of the day


Elizabeth Arden Lift & Firm

The boosted ceramide content in Elizabeth Arden’s Lift and Firm Creams helps nourish and restore your skin and with day and night options, makes it easy to stick to a consistent skincare routine. 

How confident are you that your current skincare routine is well rounded? We don’t mean it needs to contain 10+ products and numerous steps – unless you want it to! However it’s worth considering if it’s providing all you need to hydrate and support your skin throughout the day and when your body – and skin – rests and renews overnight.

Many of us would like to glow a little brighter, feel a little firmer and minimise existing lines and wrinkles. It means we sometimes jump into skincare treatment products looking for a quick fix or flip flop with our approach looking for the next big thing. It can be frustrating when results don’t present themselves right away!

Consistency key to an effective skincare approach

A tendency to only apply things sporadically, or only in the morning or at night, also means we could be missing out on the results we’d love because we don’t have a consistent approach. That consistency, boosting skin with proven nutrients morning and night helps ensure skin is in optimum condition round the clock, getting all it needs to carry out its important functions in an effective manner. These are things like holding on to moisture, protecting from irritation and infection and natural cell turnover so skin renews, looking bright and healthy.

If your skin isn’t where you’d like it to be, it’s a good idea to get back to ensuring the great foundations of a strong skincare routine are in place, before starting to address specific issues. There’s growing recognition this approach sometimes unexpectedly helps minimise the initial concerns you started with, as well as improve the results of those targeted treatment products when you do use them. Cleansing, toning and using moisturiser with nourishing, barrier-protecting ingredients is key, as is daily use of sun protection. 

With the cooler season on its way, it’s even more important to ensure skin has enough moisture and protection from the changing environmental challenges like cold, dry air and the effects of indoor heating.

What are ceramides and how do they support great skin?

Long a hero of Elizabeth Arden’s skincare stable and a key focus of its leading-edge research and development over the past 30 years, ceramides are a key ingredient in ensuring skin health and resilience. They’re also a hot topic in skincare right now, given the crucial part they play.

Ceramides are a unique form of lipid (fat) found naturally in between the skin cells of the stratum corneum, or our skin’s natural outer layer and protective barrier. They help to support its structure and natural processes. If skin cells are like bricks, lipids would be the mortar. 

Skin’s natural production of ceramides decreases as we age, weakening the skin barrier and leaving it more prone to sensitivity, dryness and the signs of aging. Addressing that process with topical skincare that contains ceramides can help bolster a healthy skin composition, and support the barrier working efficiently, holding moisture in and irritants out! 

Lift and Firm Creams offer an all-round approach

You’re likely familiar with Elizabeth Arden’s famous Ceramide Capsules that deliver a concentrated dose of the good stuff! Now, to ensure the good foundations of a skincare routine and help firm, sculpt and deeply hydrate skin the experts behind those capsules have delivered three modern moisturisers – Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Lift and Firm Creams.

Reformulated, they now have five times that important ceramide content than previously, as well as containing a number of other beneficial new ingredients. In a formula designed to target a number of different skin and appearance concerns, known as the 3D FIT Triple Active System (more on this in a minute!) they now include Tetrapeptides,  Edelweiss Extract, Vitamin E and Red Algae. 

With fresh, modern textures, these moisturisers make it easy to deliver the goods to your skin at both ends of the day and the results certainly speak for themselves. Visibly lifted, firmer and more defined facial contours can be seen in just one week*. With continued use, as many as 95% of users see firmer skin, while 93% see plumper skin**.

AM application

With its light, gel cream texture, Advanced Ceramide Lift and Firm Day Cream is the perfect option for preparing skin in the morning. It sinks into skin beautifully and is quickly absorbed, meaning it won’t disturb makeup applied afterwards or leave skin feeling greasy. On the contrary, it gives a plump, hydrated base that will help makeup last longer and look smoother, less likely to settle in lines and creases.

Given the harsh sun and UV damage that impacts skin year round where we live, there’s also an option with additional SPF to boost your sun protection. Advanced Ceramide Lift and Firm Day Cream SPF15 has a similar, fast-absorbing lightweight lotion texture but with additional SPF that leaves no white residue on skin.  

These daytime options are designed to be applied to fresh skin after cleansing, using toner or essence and the application of Elizabeth Arden’s targeted Ceramide Capsules.

PM application

Ever so slightly richer, Advanced Ceramide Lift and Firm Night Cream delivers essential moisture and regenerating nutrients before you sleep with a silky, fast absorbing cream that doesn’t feel heavy or slippery on skin.

Smooth over face after cleansing, using toner or essence and the application of Elizabeth Arden’s targeted treatments like Ceramide Capsules or serum.

Exceptional modern formulation designed to support skin

Each Lift and Firm Cream contains Elizabeth Arden’s scientifically-advanced age-defying 3D FIT Triple Active System formula that contains a number of beneficial-to-skin key ingredients. The FIT stands for:

Firm & Lift: Ceramides reinforce skin’s barrier to nourish, firm and protect against moisture loss. Tetrapeptides help strengthen skin’s density to visibly smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and help restore skin firmness. 

Intensely Hydrate & Replenish: Red Algae supports skin’s natural ceramide for moisture retention and all-day hydration leaving your skin plump and glowing. 

Tighten & Tone: Edelweiss Extract helps to visibly lift sagging skin and enhance facial contours for a more sculpted and youthful look. Vitamin E is a nourishing antioxidant that provides protection from environmental aggressors and free radicals.

* Independent consumer studies of Day & Night Creams; 58 women over 1 week
* Independent consumer studies of Day & Night Creams. Day – 57 women; Night – 56 women over 8 weeks

  • Visit an Elizabeth Arden counter to discover the reformulated Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Lift and Firm Creams or shop online. 



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