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Luxe new body oils intended to encourage a little time out


Embody me body oils
Sarah Reid hopes Embodyme, her new eco-luxe range of body oils will also encourage users to carve out a little time for themselves. 

It can feel tricky tying self care and mental wellbeing with a product that is bought and sold, (especially when the idea is delivered by the person selling that product) but hearing Reid speak on the small steps we can take to improve our lives, you quickly come to understand her beliefs are bigger than a singular approach. 

With Embodyme Reid combines a background in marketing in the luxury beauty sector and subsequent move, after experiencing her own health challenges, into training as a health coach. 

“It’s time to appreciate that caring for ourselves is not selfish. It’s an act of love and strength that positively impacts everyone around us,” asserts Reid.

She says her aim is to inspire women – often the first to take care of others, and the last to take care of themselves – to take moments throughout the day to slow down, reflect and reconnect.

Embodyme’s four skin-nourishing body oils are created with high-quality locally-sourced, plant-based ingredients with sustainable packaging. Each has a different, aromatherapist-created, certified-natural fragrance chosen to evoke the feelings that match their names: Courage (Mint, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli); Joy (Sweet Orange, Neroli, Sandalwood); Peace (Lavender, Bergamot, Lemon) and Kindness (Rose, Geranium, Clove).

Reid encourages users to be intentional with the luxurious oil’s application. “It’s not just about putting the oil on the skin, it’s also about taking a moment to ground, to tune in, to reset, rebalance, reconnect with yourself. 

“When you’re applying the oil, whether it’s for one minute or ten, you use it with that kind of mindset of self love and self appreciation and create an affirmation in your mind that links back to the emotion that you want to embody. [For example] For Joy: “I choose happiness every day. Or courage: “I welcome, or I have enough uplifting energy and can face the challenges that come my way.”

She wants to help women understand this is just one of many little ways they can make positive change. She says that while a general desire exists to improve wellbeing and mental health, for many people, taking the steps to do so can be over complicated and overwhelming.

“Like, ‘what is wellness – and how do we do it?’”, she mimics, of the confusion around the overused but nonetheless important ideal. 

She responds that it’s not just one action, but a series of small ones that make the difference. “It’s what we eat, it’s how we sleep, it’s how we move, it’s how connected we are to friends and family, it’s how consciously we’re living every day, how much water we drink.”

With this in mind Reid has created a framework around eight “principles of wellness”. These ideas, or categories, are supported with a website offering information from experts in each field and a journal intended to help with self evaluation and growth.

Her own journey over the years has helped inform her goals for Embodyme. 

“I realised I’d done some grand gestures to improve my overall wellbeing but actually, I felt that the things that were most powerful and transformative were the small habits that I stacked every day.”


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