Lucinda Riley’s ‘The Missing Sister’ is finally released!


Lucinda Riley’s ‘The Missing Sister’ is finally released!
Since its debut in 2015, the Seven Sisters series has become a bestselling sensation, and author Lucinda Riley has announced a seventh book is in the works. 

The series is loosely based on the myth of the Pleiades (‘The Seven Sisters’) star constellation. It follows seven sisters as they piece together their past after the death of their adoptive father.

In February 2021, Riley confirmed the publications dates for the seventh book in the series.

Who is The Missing Sister?

The Missing Sister is set to be published in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada and the US on 27th May, 2021.

Riley also shared a teaser of the new book, saying “it’s time to meet The Missing Sister! They’ll travel the world to find Merope… discover the stunning story of the seventh sister.”


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Last year, the author gave an update on her progress on the novel.

“I’m about a third of the way through, if all goes well, it should be published around about spring 2021,” announced Riley in a video shared on her website.

According to the synopsis, the book picks up from Georg Hoffman’s revelation that he may have found ‘The Missing Sister’, following CeCe and her partner Chrissie as they uncover answers at a vineyard in New Zealand.

“So begins a race against time to identify the Missing Sister, so she can join her sisters on The Titan to lay a wreath at a spot on the Aegean Sea where Ally last saw Pa Salt’s boat,” writes Riley.

The Missing Sister sees each sister trace their sibling in New Zealand, Canada, England, France and Ireland. “The elusive Mary manages to slip through their fingers, and it seems that she does not want to be found,” teases Riley.

Riley announces surprise eighth book

Just before the release of The Missing Sister, Riley shared the news that she will be releasing Book 8 in the series next year.

Titled Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt, the book will continue Pa Salt’s story.

“I started writing Book 7 with every intention of telling both Merope’s story and Pa Salt’s story too,” said Riley, announcing the news on her Instagram page. “And then halfway through I actually realised that there was no way I could actually fit and do justice to both stories in one book.

“So…my big announcement is that there will actually be a Book 8, which will be entitled Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt, and it will be coming out next year. And it’s much more, I think, almost The Missing Sister: Part 2.



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