Love Your Garden

Do you love gardening? There are many benefits to be found by fostering a love of gardening, including a healthier lifestyle, improved mental wellbeing and a closer connection to nature. Here are the 10 things you can do to show your garden some love:

• Begin a bee-friendly garden with blue, purple and yellow-flowering plants.

• Brighten it up with a hanging basket of flowers – or fill with strawberry plants.

• Plant microgreens for the kitchen windowsill.

• Feed your plants in preparation for their spring growth spurt.

• Start a compost or worm bin to convert kitchen scraps into a valuable plant food.

• Be a local replanting programme volunteer.

• Join a garden club.

• Lend a hand in a community garden.

• Help a neighbour in need – offer to weed their garden.

• Visit a botanical garden to stop and smell the roses.

Shine Bright

This inviting room designed by Annika Rowson was built to withstand everything family life could throw at it. The warm yet sturdy Corian benchtops in Cirrus White were chosen to complement the timber features, and is an elegant addition to the rawness of the polished concrete floors.

All of these finishes add a soft and gentle texture that blend well with the subway tiles, which feature across the entire back wall of this open-plan room. The island’s waterfall end gracefully anchors the bench and the integrated Corian “Duo 023” sink adds a seamless and attractive touch to the functional zone. Bathed in natural light, courtesy of carefully placed skylights, combined with a striking ceiling pitch, this kitchen firmly holds ground as the hub of this busy home.


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