Inside MiNDFOOD November 2018

Inside MiNDFOOD November 2018

A compassionate plea

By MiNDFOOD Editor-in-Chief Michael McHugh

New Zealand’s current suicide rate is at its highest level since statistics were first recorded. A worrying trend I feel needs further exploring, but a subject that needs to be handled in a sensitive way. I felt MiNDFOOD had a duty to collectively join the conversation. 

When researching this often tabooed topic, we took on advice from the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, as it was explained to us that the likelihood of vulnerable people being affected increases when media coverage is prominent.

We need to talk about suicide in a way that helps to report facts and think about consequences, without endangering the lives of others or misleading people through over-simplification. This is not the first time we have written stories about suicide since launching MiNDFOOD 10 years ago. After one feature we ran on the subject, a reader wrote to me saying she had read our cover line while standing at the check-out and bought every copy, as her husband had died three weeks earlier and friends and family were struggling with his sudden death. Our article helped her explain to others what she and they were going through, and perhaps his motivation. It was a sad email to receive, but I realised then we had helped in some small way by starting a conversation.

In the November issue, Catherine Masters’ feature, Reaching Out, is written with sensitivity where she has interviewed a range of different people. We needed to avoid sensationalising suicide, as it is such a complex issue. There is no single pathway that leads to someone taking their own life. It has caused much discussion in our office, as we talked about our own experiences with those we have known who have taken their own life. And, so our cover line, Finding Hope I think sums up what we are trying to add to the conversation. 

Should you or anyone you know needs help, or simply someone to talk to, there are many great resources available – just pick up the phone and share your feelings. My hope is that our feature starts a conversation, as it has in our office.

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Not forgetting all of our puzzles and competitions – there’s something for everyone.

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