Inside MiNDFOOD New Zealand, March 2019


Inside MiNDFOOD New Zealand, March 2019

Life’s a journey, enjoy the ride

By MiNDFOOD Editor-in-Chief Michael McHugh

Pretty much as soon as I climbed onboard the inflatable island and stretched out across the blown-up device, the wind picked up, with the two inflatable palm trees acting as sails pushing me along the lake – out of sight from my family. When I dangled my feet in the lake like rudders, the speeding island slowed down and when I lifted them out, I gained great speed. The adrenaline rush kicked in, although I was aware that this unexpected trip may be causing some concern for those I had left behind on the shore. It felt great, and for the main part, I didn’t want it to stop.

But, at what point do we consider that we should perhaps stop, or not start the journey at all? In this issue’s My Story, ‘A Life Torn Apart by Drugs’, perhaps dabbling in something and seeing what that experience felt like was not the best road to take, as decisions made have left many lives wrecked and broken. One brother’s search finds his older brother turned to a life of drugs that is both heartbreaking and life-changing. This first-person feature will, I hope, help families going through similar experiences to start conversations, and to feel a little less isolated.

Many people are vulnerable to loneliness at some stage in their lives. It’s a natural emotion, although it can become a chronic concern. Studies have shown that people are afraid to admit to feeling lonely because of the stigma attached. In Charles Purcell’s feature ‘Only the Lonely’, we learn how the UK government has a Minister for Loneliness and that an existing strategy encourages people to build and strengthen connections within their communities.

If you are feeling overcome by your situation, you may need to reach out and ask for help. Try to step back from an unhealthy environment and ask yourself what is really important in your life. Our feature, ‘Emotional Freedom’ by Cynthia Hickman gives us eight helpful steps to becoming emotionally free.

Speeding away on the inflatable island navigated by the wind and two blown-up palm trees with my feet as rudders, I had no idea where it was taking me, but the experience was out-of-the-box exhilarating. This year I want to make absolute emotional freedom my goal.

Also inside the March issue of MiNDFOOD New Zealand:

Anne Hathaway talks love, life, her upcoming film Serenity, and why she doesn’t care what others think about her anymore. Kiwi actor Rose McIver on her blossoming career and lead role in the upcoming musical drama Daffodils. Our bumper Future Beauty section with all the latest trends, technologies and treatments shaking up the industry. We take a trip to one of New Zealand’s most renowned natural attractions – Milford Sound. Plus, food inspiration from around the world as we reinvent tried-and-true family favourite dinner recipes.

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