Inky’s great escape

By Kelly Jirsa

Image National Aquarium of New Zealand /Facebook.
Image National Aquarium of New Zealand /Facebook.

The New Zealand National Aquarium in Napier have reported the extraordinary escape of Inky the octopus.

The Common male octopus was missing after routine maintenance work on the tank, where the lid was left slightly ajar. Staff discovered water tracks marking Inky’s route to a drainpipe that leads to the Pacific Ocean.

Manager of the Aquarium Rob Yarrell told the New Zealand Herald that Inky had been in the Aquarium for two years following being recued by fisherman from a cray pot near Pania Reef. Staff recalled that he came in with scars and damaged limbs but settled well.

Inky left behind his tank-mate Blotchy, a smaller common octopus. Yarrell says, “Yes, it’s most unusual and yes, we’ll be watching the other one.”

Rob Yarrell appeared on Radio New Zealand describing how the daring feat occured:


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