How To Make The Perfect Poke Bowl

By Tom Walton

How To Make The Perfect Poke Bowl | MiNDFOOD

How To Make The Perfect Poke Bowl? Ok, so for me, what makes the perfect poke bowl is the sum of all parts. If one element is off, it affects the whole bowl. It also needs some attitude! It’s the pickles, the crunches, zesty dressings that make a great poke bowl incredible.

Like most great food, no matter where on the spectrum, it hinges on quality and freshness of ingredients.

Here are Tom Dalton’s top five tips for making the perfect bowl:

Dress Fresh: make sure everything is fresh, I can’t stress this enough. One of the things I love about poke is that it’s, well, nude. Nothing to hide behind, with minimal intervention, so freshness is key, from the freshest sashimi grade fish to the last sliced shallot. At Nudefish we source the seafood straight from the fishermen themselves, including Alpine salmon from Mt Cook in New Zealand, and Walkers Albacore Tuna from Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast.

No Sauce, No Fun: over dress your bowl. Trust me on this one, it really does make the whole eating experience so much better. With most of the ingredients raw and generally scattered over a base of rice, leaves or noodles, you need to have enough sauce to dress all the ingredients well and give some love to the base. We make all our sauces in-house, try the ponzu, miso tahini and coconut green goddess, all punching with flavour.

Crunch, Crunch, Crunch: texture is so important in a poke bowl, it makes things interesting and gives it some attitude. Think about the textures you can add to your bowl like bean sprouts, radishes, shredded beetroot, fine shaved cabbage, cucumbers, green papaya, pickled carrot, nuts, crispy onions and furikake. All these elements will also pack lots of nutrition into your bowl.

 Find Your Inner “MasterChef”: making your own elements like simple pickles, furikake, ponzu, and chilli sauce will really take your poké bowl to the next level. Get creative and experiment with fresh and flavoursome sauces based on soys, vinegars, mayonnaise, tahini, coconut milk, herbs, chilli and wasabi.

Ditch Your First Home: and add avocado to your poke bowl experience, you’ll never look back. If you bring all the above elements together and have fun with it, you can’t go wrong.

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