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How to clear body breakouts according to a skin expert


How to clear body breakouts according to a skin expert
Body breakouts or 'bacne' (back-acne) can affect anyone and the spots can be even more prevalent in the warmer months.

The pesky pimples can be annoying when enjoying wearing summer outfits or swimwear.

We asked SOTHYS National Technical Trainer Vanessa Feehan-Meldrum for her tips on how to deal with spots on our chest, back and other body areas.

What causes body or back acne?

When it comes to back acne there can be several causes for its occurrence. The first is that we sweat more in summer and our bodies are exposed to external aggression like sun and pollution. Therefore, we can end up with with more sweat and sebum in our pores and the blockages have a great environment to thrive.

The second can be more hormonally-attributed acne that can include not only the back but the chest area and breast area as well.

How should we go about trying to treat or get rid of it?

There are some very easy skin care options that can be applied. Choose a cleanser that has a BHA [salicylic acid] and/or AHA [alpha-hydroxy acid] and use it to cleanse these areas daily before applying a light moisturiser. You can also use a soft exfoliation but don’t over do it! It can be easy to exfoliate.

If possible, use a purifying/absorbing mask in that area once a week as well.

Some other helpful tips are to shower as soon as possible after exercise or an excess sweating, wear light, breathable clothing and also protect any breakouts from sun exposure to help prevent scarring or pigmentation around these areas. Using SPF daily is very important.

Is there anything else we overlook when it comes to summer body care in general?

Something I think that gets overlooked is the use of body serum not just body moisturisers. Body serum, just like facial serums, can be used to target specific concerns whether sun damage, toning and smoothing skin or softening of dry skin. They will be the extra reinforcement under body moisturisers to deliver targeted results.


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