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How Dyson’s hair science expertise delivers your best – and healthiest- style ever


How Dyson’s hair science expertise delivers your best – and healthiest- style ever
Dyson’s sophisticated hair styling tools call on meticulous science and research so you can achieve beautiful looks while maintaining the health of your strands.

Just as putting in effort with good skincare practices can help improve the appearance of your makeup, using a hair styling tool that preserves the health of strands helps your style look smoother and and last for longer without frizz or split ends.

The trick is to find the tool that will meet your hair where it’s at – something that has traditionally been a big ask. But whether you have short, long, straight, curly, thick, textured or any other type of hair, Dyson’s hair tools are designed to work for you. In fact, the company’s long-held mission statement is ‘to solve problems that others have ignored’. In terms of hair, that means employing an expert team of engineers to really get down to the nitty-gritty of understanding the science of hair first, then developing industry- first technology as a result.

So what does that looks like to your beauty routine? Hair tools that make styling more efficient and effective without excessive heat, for a variety of styles to suit any hair type, texture and length. The Dyson haircare range, which includes the Corrale™ cordless straightener, Supersonic™ hair dryer and the newly re engineered Dyson’s Airwrap™ multi-styler, have become synonymous with desirable, next-generation hair tech that’s super-easy to use.

Dyson’s popular Corrale™ cordless straightener and Supersonic™ hair dryer  have been engineered with hair health in mind. 

Advanced tools make stunning, trending looks achievable for everyone

Top stylist and Dyson Styling Ambassador Michael Beel says the tools have been created to make achieving a beautiful style easier than ever for everyone.

I think the biggest trend coming out of salons and on the runway is about celebrating everyone’s authentic self,” he points out, saying the versatility of Dyson’s tools helps you do just that. “All shapes, colours and texture. If it’s curly, embrace it, if it’s shaved, wear it with pride and if you have a cool haircut, work it! But the biggest thing I’m seeing is about hair health. Shiny, glossy touchable luxurious hair will always stop traffic.”

Using a tool that will wont fry your strands is essential when it comes to that luxe look.

“The hair rule I never break is I don’t do anything that will compromise the condition of my hair. Once it’s damaged it’s so hard to get it back to normal,” Beel says. 

For that beautiful blow dry that lasts, Beel advises it’s important to use the right heat setting designed for your hair.

“High heat may not always be the best and the beauty of the Dyson Supersonic™ is it doesn’t go above 100 degrees. Some other hairdryers start at 180 degrees and that’s hot enough to cook a chicken!”

When drying with the Supersonic™, he suggests tipping your head upside down to dry your roots first before you go in with a brush. “It will give you a lot of volume without maximum effort”.

“Always finish with a blast of cold air, it helps shut the cuticle down to encourage shine and helps cool the scalp down so it doesn’t produce as much oil. The cold shot button helps so much with achieving shine but there’s something extra special in the Dyson repertoire, The Flyaway attachment!” 

The Flyaway attachment is a finishing attachment for the Dyson Supersonic™, engineered to help push pesky flyaways underneath the top layer of hair to achieve glass-like shine. Beel says it’s also great for running around the hairline.

In Dyson’s Airwrap™ multi-styler, the Coanda smoothing dryer offers a similar smoothing effect for strands.

And while styling damp using hot tools can sometimes be a no-go, there are exceptions when it comes to Dyson, points out Beel.

“If you’re using the Airwrap™ multi-styler, it helps if the hair is little damp. This will help the Coanda effect take hold, and will help your style last longer. “If your using the Dyson Corrale™, or any straighter for that matter, hair should be 100% dry.”

Dyson’s Airwrap™ multi-styler is an evolution of the original Airwrap™ Styler Complete, but with a generous number of new features and attachments that give even more versatility to what it can do. 

Research and development advances styling possibilities

First established by British inventor, entrepreneur and philanthropist James Dyson in 1993, Dyson has since evolved into a global entity, spending billions on conceiving and creating home, health and hair solutions for consumers globally.

The brand has invested £100m (NZ$195m) into specially designed hair laboratories globally, employing hundreds of hair scientists, engineers and professionals out of a total workforce over 14,000 people worldwide.

These scientists have worked on a multitude of ideas and investigations, ensuring they know the maximal amount about how to encourage hair into desirable styles while maintaining health. Their research includes:

• Exactly how heat and what temperatures affect hair strength, breakage and cause colour fade. Extensive testing to a microscopic level has been undertaken with real hair to measure the time it takes damaged hair to break compared to healthy hair. The more heat is applied to hair, the faster it becomes damaged and breaks. As a result, all Dyson hair tools have intelligent heat control so they maintain an optimum temperature that helps prevent this damage.

• Air flow’s impact and how to control it for best possible styling results. The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer produces a high-pressure stream of air angled at 20° and employs unique air multiplier technology to convert that air into a directed stream for precise, fast and sleek blow-dry results. Smooth air flow is also included in the Airwrap multi-styler, through an aerodynamic phenomenon called the Coanda effect, used to curve air around a surface, taking hair with it, and creating curls.

• How to ensure hair maintains shine. Damaged strands scatter light in every direction, leading to dull strands. Healthy hair has intact cuticles that reflect light in a single direction which is part of why Dyson works so hard to prevent damage.

• Even and smooth tension when straightening using specially designed manganese copper alloy plates in the Dyson Corrale that flex around your hair to gather it for better results using less heat.

• Water’s impact on hair. Heat-damaged hair absorbs more water, which causes the cortex of each strand to swell, weakening hair and reducing colour and shine.

The technology might be incredible, but to ensure their performance with the average consumer like you or me is exactly as it should be, there have been over 1,800 hours of user trials for Dyson’s hair tools with real users completed across the world.

In addition, Dyson is also working on other projects like solid-state battery cells, high-speed electric digital motors, sensing and vision systems, robotics, machine learning technologies and AI investment – all with an eye to creating a better future and solving today’s challenges tomorrow.

Who says hair styling isn’t changing the world?

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