Give Your Home the Rug it Deserves

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to starfish on a thick luxurious rug, you’ll already understand why quality is important.

If you haven’t, we suggest you take the earliest opportunity. One other suggestion we’ll make is to consider Source Mondial as your choice of floor-bed.

Aside from being fantastic surfaces to nap on, their rugs are extremely pleasing to the eye. Source Mondial offers a wide range of striped rugs from subtle, understated, and elegant, to bold, bright rugs that absolutely command attention and give energy to a room. If you’re looking to give your room that little extra va-va-voom, a striped rug is a great option, offering great versatility, beautifully mixing with solid, florals and other patterns. More than just eye candy, a striped rug enables you to visually manipulate the way a room is perceived by drawing attention towards or away from elements.

And they’re not just a pretty face, rugs are actually very good for your health. Homes with rugs in them, or those with carpet, have the best indoor air quality. This is because they act like a filter, pulling airborne pollutants out of the air, trapping the pollutants until they are removed with vacuuming or professional carpet cleaning. If you’ve family members with asthma or allergies a nice rug could be their saving grace, and your pride and joy.

So wake up and smell the air that is about to become a whole lot cleaner, and head to Source Mondial. It may be your last trip outside, as once you’ve made your rug purchase, you may not want to leave your home ever again.

Divine Design: Contemporary Apartment Living

This classic fourth-floor Parisian apartment has been completely reworked to introduce light throughout the entire space. A minimal colour palette creates a clean, sophisticated atmosphere and provides the perfect backdrop for statement furniture. Textured materials including marble and black walnut add depth to enclosed rooms, while rich carpets in the bedroom and walk-in wardrobe enhance warmth.

Clean lines and a sparse colour palette lend this stylish, modern apartment an elegant simplicity.

Photography by Stephan Julliard for MiNDFOOD.