Summer crops: a gardener’s guide to growing radishes


Summer crops: a gardener’s guide to growing radishes
MiNDFOOD INSEASON Garden Editor Franco Sessa shares his expert tips for growing, harvesting and storing radishes.

Thinking about growing radishes in your vegetable garden? Radishes are quick growing brassicas with a peppery flavour and a crisp, crunchy texture. They work wonderfully in summer salads and roast up nicely, too.

Radishes are available all year round and have been championed as the vegetable of choice for the novice gardener.

If you have a small corner in the garden, often in the shade or exposed to winds, this could turn into the perfect spot for your radish crop so long as the soil is light and rich, and humid but never soggy.

Franco’s tips: 4 things to know about growing radishes

1. Radish seeds are exceptionally durable and last well if stored correctly. Look for heirloom varieties and keep them labelled in a cool dark place in a glass jar or envelope.

2. Radishes need soil with a loose texture to develop and grow the bulb. This means that soils that have the tendency to cake during dry weather may not be suitable for radishes.

3. Radishes are one of the most versatile companion plants. They are perfect right next to carrots. Harvest the radishes before the carrots reach full maturity.

4. For storing, place untrimmed, unwashed radishes in a bowl so the leaves are sticking out. Fill the bowl with cold water to partially submerge bulbs (but not the leaves). Change the water daily.

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