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Frost Yourself With Wearable Ice Cream

Frost Yourself With Wearable Ice Cream

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend then wearable ice cream must be a girl’s soulmate. Giapo’s latest creation is right at your fingertips, or rather on your fingertips...

Frost Yourself With Wearable Ice Cream

Auckland’s most loved dessert-extraordinaire is back with yet another fabulous creation; ice cream that you can wear.

Designed to fit on a fingertip rather than to be held in the hand, this beauty of an invention is at the top of our must-have accessories list. If you’re worried it will melt and trickle down your wrist, be comforted; the team at Giapo are so clever they’ve designed the cone especially to ensure there’s no ice cream leakage. Technically put, the waffle cone is cut across the middle, with the bottom part of the cone sitting point-up inside the wider top part, creating a double layer that is sealed together with chocolate. Simply put, your finger nests perfectly in the point avoiding all leakage worries, like a delicious little finger puppet.

Giapo is known for their incredible innovation and creativity in the land of dessert. Their wearable creations are just another in a steady stream of inventions coming from the Giapo kitchen, where the team is busy expanding the meaning of ice cream every day.

Their wearable ice cream is not only delicious but it’s revolutionary. A concept that they had been dreaming of for a while, the idea came when they started looking at ice cream through a different lens.

“We look at what ice cream currently is, but more importantly, what it can potentially be. We see a world where foods can transcend traditional functions”, explains Grazioli, “We’re not bound by dogma; we understand the importance of having moments of pure glee: there’s something inherently fun about wearing food rather than merely holding it.”

The wearable ice creams are another forward step in Giapo’s vision of changing the way we interact with ice cream, revolutionising the very function of it.

One thing that will never change, however, is how delicious Giapo tastes. Afterall, it will be the best ice cream you’ll possibly ever eat.

To find out more, visit their website here.

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