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Founder of clean haircare brand Ceremonia on how to fight frizz and other summer hair challenges

Babba Rivera Ceremonia
Ceremonia is the hip, modern haircare brand that fuses skincare and wellness principals with hair science and embraces the founder's Latinx heritage.

The result? A range of nourishing and beautifully-scented haircare that leaves locks glowing.

Founded by Babba Rivera, and recently launched here at MECCA, the brand offers an inventive range of products for all hair types with a focus on natural ingredients.

Rivera grew up in Sweden, experiencing a constant battle with identity. She recalls her Chilean father, a hairstylist, taming her frizz and brushing back her baby hairs that made her feel different to her classmates.

“As a Latina woman who never saw myself represented in the beauty category, I wasn’t always proud of my natural beauty,” Rivera reveals.

“Ceremonia was born out of the desire to increase representation while bringing a wellness approach to hair. Through high-performance, natural formulas, inspired by my Latin culture and the rituals I grew up with , Ceremonia is offering a next-gen approach to hair for everyone.”

The range includes the likes of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioning treatment, leave-in conditioner and scalp oil that includes traditional Latin American ingredients such as guava and aloe, leveling up our results and the aesthetic appeal of the haircare in our bathrooms in the process.

Ceremonia’s range includes a Scalp Massager to invigorate blood flow to the scalp to help promote healthy hair and a Deep Conditioning Hair Mask.

We asked Rivera about her approach to haircare in summer and some common warm weather habits that contribute to damage.

What are the main challenges to hair health over the summer months?

The summer months can bring a number of challenges for your hair, mainly damage from chlorine and salt water as well as UV rays from the sun. These stressors diminish hair strength and shine and cause brittle, dry hair that can feel lifeless and more prone to split ends. They also contribute massively to hair color fade. 

Are there any summer hair habits we overlook ?

We naturally forget that our hair is also being exposed to UV rays from the sun and damage from chlorine and salt water.

Our day to day activities throughout the summer can definitely have a big impact on hair health, without us even realizing. Having a routine for how to keep your hair protected and properly nourished during the summer months is therefore essential, but something many overlook. 

How can we protect hair from salt and chlorine?

Adding a protecting layer as part of your morning hair routine, and then a reparative cream for after sun. I always carry our Guava Rescue Spray in my beach bag throughout the summer months – it’s the ultimate summer soulmate for my hair. It keeps it protected from UV, the chlorine from pool water as well as the salt in the ocean.

In addition, it also helps to instantly detangle my hair which is key for me after swimming in the ocean. It smells like a tropical guava, making it the perfect pick-me-up throughout the day! I use this spray as a primer every morning when doing my hair, and then bring it in my beach bag throughout the day to reapply as needed.

I’m also a firm believer in protecting my hair and skin with a hat, you will always catch me with a hat at the beach or the pool.

Babba Rivera Ceremonia Haircare Guava Rescue Spray
Rivera says the Guava Rescue Spray is “the ultimate summer soulmate for hair”.

How do you like to care for your hair after a long day at the beach?

I start with the Ceremonia Protect & Repair Wash Duo, which is my go-to for keeping my hair protected from summer stressors while also helping to repair the damage caused during the summer months. It contains the superfruit guava and aloe vera, which when paired together, not only protects the hair but repairs it from future damage. I like to pair the shampoo with our Scalp Masajeador (Scalp Massager) for an extra exfoliating moment in the shower!

After washing, while the hair is still damp, I layer the Guava Rescue Spray as a primer, followed by the Ceremonia Guava Leave-In Conditioner which provides hydration for maximum absorption and shine. It strengthens and repairs hair, while combating frizz.

If my hair is very damaged or overdue for a haircut, I sometimes boost the Leave-In Conditioner with a few drops of our Aceite de Moska. This is such a powerful cocktail for dry and split ends, it instantly seals the cuticles and adds strength. I also use the leave-in conditioner on dry hair in-between wash days for instant frizz control that also nourishes.

I love to section my hair with a clip and then comb the Guava Leave-In through my strands. 

What are the key things we need to remember to keep frizz at bay?

Moisture, moisture, moisture – I can’t stress enough! Keeping your hair hydrated will help combat frizz, especially during the summer months.

The issue with most moisture products however, is that they tend to be quite heavy, leaving your hair feeling weighed down or like you have to wash it more often than you would prefer. That’s why our Guava Rescue Spray and Guava Leave-In Conditioner are so special, because they are formulated to function almost like a serum and cream for your hair, lightweight enough to be fully absorbed but powerful to deeply moisturize without weighing down.

For really thirsty strands in need of additional moisture and shine, I also highly recommend sealing the benefits from the guava products with some spritzes of our Ceremonia Oil Mist con Aloe Vera, a lightweight oil in a micro-mister applicator that features restorative, nutrient-packed ingredients including aloe vera and Mexican chia seed oil for ultimate shine.

Last but not least, we can’t talk about frizz without addressing silicones. The most effective thing you can do in your hair routine to prevent frizz is to eliminate silicones from your routine. You’ll be surprised when you start reading the ingredient lists of your products and realize this is one of the sneakiest of ingredients that is hard to eliminate in hair care, but the simple answer is that we have banned all forms of silicones in all of our formulas to ensure your hair gets long term benefits from using our products.


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