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Five of the best silk pillowcases for smooth, shiny hair

By Megan Bedford

Five of the best silk pillowcases for smooth, shiny hair
Silk pillowcases have recently become part of the beauty conversation, promising to prolong your blow-dry and leaver hair smoother and shinier.

With silk being a natural and continuous filament, a high quality weave creates a smoother surface. This means it causes less friction on your hair and your skin.

Though silk hair wraps have long been used to protect very curly or labour-intensive styles overnight, silk pillowcases are now becoming widely available and recommended for all hair types.

Even hairdressers agree: top stylist Mana Dave suggests sleeping on a silk pillowcase at night as one way to help increase shine in your locks, along with quality hair care and styling products .

“It will reduce friction on your hair, keeping it less fluffy and more sleek,” he says. 

That friction long-term can contribute to breakage, particularly in very dry hair.

Some skin experts claim using a silk pillowcase can also help your complexion. Though there’s little scientific proof so far, the idea is that the smooth surface minimises friction or pulling on skin, and also absorbs less moisture from your skincare than a cotton pillowcase.

“The bottom line is, any product that helps reduce the strain on the skin is beneficial,” Manhattan cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman told the New York Times, saying the decreased friction benefits those who sleep on their side or stomach the most. (Engelman is also an ambassador for Slip pillowcases.)  The dermatologist points out if you’re truly concerned about wrinkles its worth trying to sleep on your back to avoid “compression lines and squishing your face.”

Silk is also naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites.

Try these: Clockwise from top L: Slip Moonflower zippered silk pillowcase; Kip & Co Native Silk Pillowcase; Penney + Bennett Marigold Beauty pillowcase;  Ecosa silk pillowcase; Manuka Dreams Silk Pillowcase 

To get the best results, look a pillowcase in 100% mulberry silk, the highest quality silk available globally. 

Instead of thread count, silk is measured in “momme”, which refers to the density of the silk and weight of the fabric. Most quality options are between 19-22 momme, with 25 momme the top of the line. 

Beware of cheap imitations made from synthetic fabrics like satin, often using polyester or nylon. While they are smooth to touch, they can increase static in your strands, leading to the opposite of the desired effect.

One of the downsides of silk pillowcases is that they do need extra care to maintain their lifespan, so be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when doing your laundry.



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