Five Minutes With – Katie Holmes


Five Minutes With – Katie Holmes
Mindfood chats to Katie Holmes, 38, about Suri, her 11-year old daughter, her career, the importance of relaxation, and finding happiness.

Now starring as the iconic Jackie Kennedy in The Kennedys After Camelot, this marks her second turn at playing the former First Lady, following her role in 2011 in The Kennedys miniseries.

Homes began her career in Dawson’s Creek, which ran from 1998 to 2003. Other roles in movies include Wonder Boys, The Singing Detective, Batman Begins, and The Giver. Additionally, some TV appearances include Ray Donovan, and How I Met Your Mother.

Holmes was famously married to Tom Cruise from 2006 to 2012 and is currently in an alleged relationship with Jamie Foxx.

Why do we keep revisiting Jackie Kennedy? This is your second time, and more recently, Natalie Portman portrayed her last year in the movie, Jackie.

Jackie is a woman who is timeless in her elegance and in her strength and in her charm. She had a quality to her that I think was one of a kind and meant so much to so many that I feel like that is why we want to keep revisiting it.

What brings you joy?

Obviously my family brings me so much joy. A sunny day makes me happy. (laughs)

How interested in fashion are you?

Well I appreciate fashion. I love the art form, and I know what goes into creating pieces and lines. The history that is involved, I have a great love for it. My closet however, it’s sort of divided because fortunately by being in this industry I have worn some very special pieces so some of those I have saved. But the normal stuff I usually wear jeans and T-shirts.

I think you participated in the Women’s March earlier this year? What impact do you think it had?

I think the good thing that came out of our election is that women came closer together. And I marched with my daughter and I think that that’s also why it’s important for me to continue as an artist finding roles that are special and creating stories that are special and that is why I can feel like I can have my voice heard. And I think it’s important to do that and to employ other actresses and to keep finding and creating good roles for women on the job front. And yes, I am involved. I supported Hillary and in my house we talk about how important it is to grow up and be heard and have a job and not take any you know what from any men. (laughter)

How do you handle fame?

Well, (laughs) I really enjoy being an artist and I really enjoy making movies and TV. And I try to be as private as possible. It’s important to me because I like to keep my family safe. It just feels better that way. And then I don’t take stuff that seriously either. I don’t worry that much either. I am really grateful for the things I get to do and so if there’s pictures of whatever, I don’t let it ruin my day. (laughs)

What would people be surprised to know about you?

Well, I guess I would have to know what you think of me in order to answer that question. But, I don’t know, I am pretty simple. (laughs)

What do you enjoy about this phase in your life?

Well, I love having an eleven year old. Every phase of my daughter’s life has been really joyful, she is an incredible spirit. And she is very strong and very smart. And I think she is going to rule the world one day, (laughs) she rules me. So I am very proud. She is a sweetheart, but she is a tough cookie.

How careful are you about your image? Movie stars have a lot of influence over young people.

Well, I that I take seriously because I do feel that I want to hopefully impact other people and inspire young women especially, and I think that what I want to hopefully highlight is that you can be smart and talented and valued for that. You don’t have to just be valued for how you look. So that is what I am hoping to put out there.

What would you tell your 20-year-old self if you could go back in time?

Relax. (laughter) Relax, things are going to happen when they are supposed to happen and you can’t control that. I think being in this industry you kind of never know when the next job is going to be and it’s really hard not to be working. The big joke as an actor is like, ‘Oh my God, I need a job!’ And then as soon as you get a job you are like, ‘When does it wrap?’ (laughs) We are never happy. But I think it’s just finding the calm in-between jobs and knowing that it’s going to be okay. Relaxation is important. Laughing really is a great thing and to get the most out of life every day. That’s the most important thing. Celebrate life.


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